How to Choose The Right Teddy Bear For The Right Occasion

Choosing the perfect teddy bear for the right occasion can be very tough. There are literally dozens of different teddy bears to choose from. Some of them are better for little kids, some are better for older kids. Some are better for Christmas, some are better for birthdays. How do you choose the right one? These tips will help. Get a Sense for What’s Out There Go and browse a few different toy stores to see what kind teddies they have. Do this even if you’ve browsed the teddy bear section in the past, as new fashions and seasonal bears come up quite frequently. Go online and take a look at a few different websites. What kind of teddy bears do they have? Is it different than what you see in physical stores? Make your final decision only once you’ve got a good sense for your various choices. What Sized Teddy Bear Should You Get? You can get small, medium and large sized teddy bears. Small teddy bears are great as small gifts. They can be auxiliary teddies, for kids who already have a favorite teddy. These teddies might be treated more like toys than as a dear childhood friend. A medium sized teddy bear is a good choice for a main teddy bear. A medium sized teddy bear might be seasonal, or you might just want to get a classic teddy bear that’ll last them for years. Finally, you have the large and extra large teddy bears. These teddies are great for kids who’re a little scared of the dark or want to feel a little safer. The big teddy bear helps give them a sense of comfort and protection. The big teddy bear also often turns into the main teddy bear, getting more attention than any other teddy bear or soft toy. Choosing the size depends in part on the age of the child, in part on what kind of toy(s) they already have in their collection and in part on their emotional disposition. What Color Teddy Should You Get? Teddy bears come in every color of the rainbow. What color should you get? One way to find out is to nonchalantly ask the child what their favorite color is a few weeks before buying them a teddy bear. This helps you take the guess work out of what they might like. If you can’t do that, try talking to the child’s parents. Ask them what kind of colors and what kind of toys they tend to like. Get as much advice as you can about choosing the right teddy bear. If that’s not an option, then go with what you know about the child. Brown is always a classic color for teddy bears. For girls, white, pink or blue are all great colors. For boys, dark brown, dark blue and possibly black are great choices as well. Also make sure to take a look at their teddy bear collection. Try to get them a color that they don’t already have. Buying for the Occasion Different occasions call for different teddies. Keep the occasion in mind as you’re making your selection. For example, if you’re buying a teddy bear for Christmas, you might want to go with a white polar bear. Or you might want to go with a teddy bear that’s dressed in Santa Claus garments. If you’re buying for Independence Day, you might want to go for more festive colors. You might want to go for a teddy bear that’s wearing a shirt with an eagle on it. If you’re buying a teddy bear for the child’s birthday, but might want to consider getting them something a little more customized. For example, you might have the child’s initials sewn on to the teddy bear’s chest. Make sure that not only the bear matches the occasion, but the packaging too. Wrap all your gifts in seasonally appropriate gift wraps. Try to get a teddy bear that matches with the occasion and will last for years. Try not to get a teddy bear that they’ll only love for the season because it’s too seasonal. That’s how you choose the right teddy bear for the right child for the right occasion. Choosing a great teddy isn’t rocket science, but it does require some careful thought and consideration. Get to know the child, get to know their collection and find something that really fits their unique situation and personality.   Author Bio – This article has been written by Emanuel from, Australia’s largest online teddy bears retailer. If you’re looking for classic, soft toy teddy bears and also want it to be delivered anywhere in Australia, then do visit their portal today.

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