How to Get the Best Price This Christmas

This guest post was written by Carly Grant. She runs HowMuchIsIt, a website helping you find the price for just about anything in life!

This Christmas should be a fun experience, when it comes to shopping. While you should worry about your budget, you shouldn’t be cheap with purchases, because you can’t afford them. Instead, it’s time to be creative, and save on your purchases!

What I wanted to show you today is how I save on my Christmas shopping just about every time I shop. What you’re going to find is that if you follow the tips below, you should be able to find some great deals as well.

Deals are usually found online

I know, it’s boring to shop online, but if you want to get the most out of your money, you’re going to want to shop online. What you will find that is you can compare prices with many various retailers with a click of a button. For example, is a great site to use when you want to compare prices among hundreds of retailers online.

Know where to look for coupons

There are so many places that you can search, when you want to find coupons. A few places that I love to look for them are on the company’s Facebook page, their Twitter account, eBay, as well as sign up for their newsletter. When you do this, you’re going to find that you can usually get a good discount. You will also find out that it doesn’t hurt to search for coupon codes or printable coupons either.

Get cash back for your purchase

If you haven’t heard of the site Ebates, or FatWallet, I would recommend that you dig deep and research with them, because you can get a percentage back on your purchase. This is great for those that want to get paid just for clicking a link! All you have to do is click the shopping link through your account, and you can get as much as 20%+ back.

Besides checking your newspaper and mail for coupons, you’re going to find that many retailers will also match competitor ads. What you’re going to find out here is that your best bet is to shop online. To recap, here’s what I usually do.

  • Look for the cheapest place on
  • Search the Internet for coupon codes / printable coupons for this store.
  • Check Ebates to see if I can get cash back.
  • Check eBay to see if there are any coupons (you may have to wait).
  • Use my cash back credit card to get 1%+ back.
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