How to have a great wedding cake without spending much money

A wedding is the most wonderful event in so many people’s lives. To make it as memorable as possible, everything must be set right. Setting everything right may mean spending too much money for that single event. It would therefore be important to embrace cost cutting in whatever way possible to ensure that you don’t overspend. Among the ways you can cut these cost is managing the cost of making the wedding cake. The cake is the most memorable part of your reception and therefore it must be made in the best way. Wedding cakes are expensive and take up a big portion of the overall wedding expenses. Therefore, if one can be able to make significant savings while making the cake, then a good amount of money can be saved. Here are some tips that can be used to make great cakes without spending too much money.

If you have a friend or relative who is experienced in making wedding cakes, then you should consider using their services. Some of them will give you this crucial service for free and they might only ask you to buy ingredients. This will greatly help to bring your costs down and you can use this savings to settle other financial obligations in the wedding.

Have a small sized tiered cake and a big sheet cake with the same flavor. Tier cakes are expensive to make unlike the sheet cakes. Tiered cakes are the most seen cakes in the wedding and they are beautiful decorated because they are used when taking pictures. When serving your guests with the cake, serve them with sheet cake because they won’t know that they are not eating the tiered cake. You can also choose to have a fake tiered cake for picture taking and also for serving to your guests.
Wedding cakes perth can be bought from a supermarket or any other store that has a bakery. This will help you to avoid the expensive caterer’s cake. Supermarkets nowadays have advanced their cake baking methods and you can be sure to get a very high quality wedding cake and they can also decorate a wedding cake for you. Caterer’s cakes are expensive and the caterer may not even make the cake but would order from outside only to act as a middleman.

Buy less cake than the actual number of people attending the wedding and supplement the cake with a dessert. Many people will not like to have a cake or will just take one piece. There are also those who will prefer dessert to cake.

Use simple and beautiful decorations as opposed to the complex decorations. You can use fresh flowers as opposed to icing flowers, butter icing sugar as opposed to fondant icing, real ribbons as opposed to fondant ribbons. You can choose to forgo the cake topper, or borrow from a friend instead of buying. In the place of a cake topper you can use flowers or fresh fruits.

Check with the local colleges to see if they offer catering as a course. If there are such colleges, ask them if they could prepare a cake for you as a project. If they agree, you will be required to provide them with ingredients and they will provide the labor.

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