How to Make Inexpensive Gifts Look Like a Million Bucks

The holidays can be a very expensive time of year, even though we would all like to give our loved ones beautiful gifts to show them how much we value and care for them.

In order to give your friends and family wonderful gifts that look like a million bucks without spending nearly as much, consider some of the following tips to help you jazz up those gifts this holiday season:

Combine Smaller Gifts

Small gifts may seem measly to some people but when you combine several small pieces in a set or a themed “care package”, you suddenly have a lovely gift that looks like it cost much more than it actually did. Arrange small items carefully in a decorative box or basket to give them more of a professional look.

Remove Commercial Packaging

Whether it’s inexpensive soaps, chocolates, electronics, small clothing pieces or accessories, removing the main commercial packaging and replacing it with a clever new package will make items look more expensive than they really are.

Usually inexpensive gifts will come in bulk or wrapped in plastic with prices on stickers, just get rid of it all! Even a couple of pairs of socks can look great when folded neatly in a box or packed in personalized wrapping that’s achieved from printing out their name or a message on paper (plain or decorative).

Presentation is Key

Finally, most gifts get a reaction from the initial presentation. Before opening a package, most people will admire the wrapping and presentation, which will then give them an idea of the care that was taken on the gift and the value of the gift as well. Expensive shops will always carefully wrap gifts in a professional manner to make the entire gift look amazing from the start.

To make your gift look incredible, even if it’s only a few dollars, make an effort to wrap or pack it as nicely and neatly as possible. Make sure wrapping paper is creased crisply; clear tape or hidden adhesive is used to keep the paper together and add pretty ribbons or bows on the top for a final touch.

Other wrapping accessory items that will make gifts look expensive are fresh flowers or small evergreen branches. Simply tie them down with ribbon in the middle or corner of a gift for a professional touch.

The holidays don’t have to cost much, just taking a little time and effort will make the holidays look and feel like a big event without ever costing like one.

About the Author: Miho loves to travel the world and learn creative art techniques everywhere she goes.   She shares DIY projects and cost saving tips through her blog.
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