How to Make the Perfect Dessert For Spring Entertaining

When you are creating a dinner party, you have to design a good menu. Usually it consists of an appetizer, a main course, and last but not least, a dessert. Many hostesses will tell you that the dessert is the hardest course to make because you want to provide something delicious and sweet, but if everyone has eaten already it can’t be anything too heavy. The perfect dessert should taste good, leave its consumer wishing there was more, but not be stodgy or sickeningly sweet.

Another ingredient of a good dessert should also be that it is not too difficult to make. If it takes you all day to make that fancy dessert, you will find that you will not have the time or energy to make the rest of the food. Therefore, you have to find the perfect balance of something that is easy to prepare and tastes great at the end.

Here are a few ideas of desserts that are easy to make, light on the stomach, and will make your guests want more:

A tray of assorted cupcakes – If you live in England, you will call these little cakes “fairy cakes,” while in Australia they are “patty cakes”, and in France they are “les petits gateaux.” These are really easy to make and you can even bake and decorate several varieties. A box of cake mix will generally make 24 cupcakes and can be created within an hour. You don’t even have to bake the original cakes, if you don’t have time. You can buy them plain and then decorate them. Here, it’s all about cupcake decorations, of which there are thousands of variations. All it takes is some creativity, some great cupcake recipes, food coloring, fondant icing, chocolate sprinkles, glace cherries, and a few other small things that can be used to make some great, creative edible cupcake decorations.

A luxury fruit salad – Add as many delicious fruits as you can to this simple, yet delicious and healthy dessert. Bananas, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, apples, oranges, and pears can combine to make a dessert that all of your guests will love, even those who are on a diet. To make it taste even better, pour a tiny bit of red wine or champagne over it and let it marinate overnight.

Basic ice cream – Use all natural ingredients, including milk, sugar, egg yolks, pure fruit, vanilla essence, and cream. Mix them all together and then leave in the freezer overnight. Once your ice cream has frozen, decorate with chocolate sprinkles and then refreeze. This does not require too much effort and is guaranteed to taste amazing!

Cheesecake – This cake does not even require baking in the oven. Take some marie biscuits and lay them on the bottom of a tray. Then add a mixture made from vanilla pudding, milk, farmer cheese, sugar, and eggs. Mix these things into a batter and then pour over the marie biscuits. Repeat this process till you have made several layers. Again, you can decorate the top with chocolate sprinkles or hundreds and thousands, making the most delicious cheesecake! No one has to know that this great dessert is so easy to make …

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