How to Save Money (and Still Look Savvy) by Buying Glasses Online

Buying Glasses OnlineSaving money and looking good (not always in that order) are two of the top priorities of most women. If we can find a deal and look good at the same time we consider it a great day. Unfortunately, looking great and saving money do not often go hand-in-hand, particularly when shopping for prescription eyeglasses. By the time you pick out the frames, the lenses, and choose your options, glasses can end up costing $700 or more. You can opt to break the bank by getting the cute but irrationally expensive glasses, buy glasses that make you look like a dweeb, or choose not to see at all—none of which are very attractive choices. Enter a new option: save money (while still looking savvy) by buying glasses online.

Glasses online? Really?

–Really. The frames that you see online often come from the same labs as the ones in optometry offices but for just a fraction of the cost. So why do people hesitate when it comes to buying glasses online? Who knows? Online glasses often come with a guarantee, can save you hundreds of dollars, and offer convenient shopping (how many optometry offices do you know where you can buy glasses at three in the morning with a mud mask on your face???). With all the money you save you can even get multiple pairs—the sexy look, the intelligent look, the cool look—the choices are endless.

3 Tips to Buying Glasses Online Buying Glasses Online

1. Know your frame – Check out the numbers inside the temple of your well-fitting old glasses for numbers that look like this: 50-18-140. These numbers, which do not have to be exact and can go either way a bit, will tell you the approximate lens width, the bridge size, and the temple length of the glasses you will need.

2. Know your prescription – This one is fairly obvious since you want the glasses to work for you. Remember though, your contact lens prescription is not the same as your glasses prescription, so ask your doctor for your glasses prescription specifically.

3. Know your PD – Your Pupillary Distance is the distance between your pupils. Knowing this will ensure that your lenses are aligned. Get this from your doctor, too. If, for some reason, you can’t get to the doctor, instructions on measuring your PD are available online.

That’s it! Now all you have to do is check out all the cool glasses that are offered. Choose from aviator, oval or square-shaped glasses, full rim, semi-rimless or rimless glasses, bendable frames, plastic frames, metal frames or titanium frames. There are hundreds to choose from. In fact, you might actually have more time if you browse at three in the morning, mud mask is optional.

Tips  By: Maggie Perrin, a content contributor for Just Eyewear, an online prescription glasses retailer.

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