How to Save Money on Printer Ink

Printer ink can be very expensive and often times after a few refills costs more than the printer itself. Printer manufacturers are making much more money on the continuous need to buy ink cartridges than on the sale of printers. Some studies have even concluded that printer ink is more expensive than any type of high-end perfume and even costs more than Dom Perignon champagne! Here are some useful ways to save on printer ink.

  1. Buy Generic Ink. A variety of generic ink manufacturers produce options for all types of printers and even the most expensive ink and printer toner can often be found in a generic form. Make sure to buy generic ink from stores that have a good reputation for being dependable, safe, high quality, and low-cost.
  2. Refill Cartridges. You can take empty cartridges to a variety of pharmacies and discount stores that refill a variety of printer cartridges. Make sure you check your type of printer and model because some brands have a chip in the printer cartridge that registers it has printed a maximum amount and it will not work even with refilled ink. Other brands seal the cartridges that prevent adding more ink.
  3. Buy Remanufactured Ink. Remanufactured ink can save you a great deal of money and a variety of ink types can be remanufactured. The process is generally simple and involves cleaning, inspection, replacement of parts, filling of new ink, and testing. A variety of websites including offer many different types of remanufactured ink. Using remanufactured ink is a great way to go green and there are a variety of other tips for a greener home.
  4. Avoid Wasting Ink. When printing, be sure to preview the pages you are about to print to make sure you are printing the right page and it is set up correctly. Also, only print what you need to without printing unnecessary text and pictures. This is especially important when printing directly from the Internet.
  5. Use Your Printer Regularly. Regular use prevents ink from drying out, so make sure to use the printer at least once a week.
  6. Install Ink Saving Software. Various types of software such as PretonSaver or InkSaver help save money on ink by reducing the amount of ink used for printing projects.
  7. Print Using the Draft Mode. The “draft” mode helps reduce the amount of printer ink used and is especially helpful in bulk printing tasks. This option is also usually a lot faster.
  8. Buy Printer Ink Online. Shopping online for printer ink can save a great deal of time and money, as online prices are often 30 to 50 percent less than store prices. You can search multiple websites to compare prices and have the ink shipped directly to your door. One example of a website that sells ink online at such discounted rates is This also enables you to look at purchase conditions including shipping costs, delivery time, quality guarantee, and customer support.
  9. Buy Printer Cartridges in Bulk. Be on the look out for deals on bulk orders of printer ink as many manufacturers such as HP and Canon offer bulk cartridges at reduced prices.
  10. Be Smart When Printing Coupons. Extreme couponing is becoming more popular that involves printing an array of free coupons. When printing, search for ways to reduce the amount of ink uses such as using black and white and draft formats.
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