How to Save Money on the Hottest Video Games

Have you got your eye on the latest version of Madden NFL, but you simply can’t get over the alarming retail price? Are you looking for ways to get Fear 3 for less? Maybe the latest Sims game would have your name on it if only it weren’t so expensive. Video games can certainly provide for hours of entertainment, but the prices, which often go into the $50+ range, may be holding you back from getting your hands on some of the hottest games currently on the market (not to mention those that are on the horizon). And while you could certainly try to hold out until the holidays roll around to get
these games as gifts, you just know your friends will be long since through with them by then, and you’ll be the only loser playing alone. So if you’re looking for ways to get the hottest games now without paying full retail price, here are a few ways to get back to gaming, sans the sticker shock.

The easiest way to get discounted games is to shop online. Although there aren’t really any deal-of- the-day sites devoted to the ongoing needs of gamers, there are still plenty of venues that will help you to purchase games for less. Amazon is one fantastic resource for less expensive games and there are a couple of good ways to secure savings. First, they generally offer discounts on your favorite consoles and the games that go with them. The price reduction might not always be huge, but it will be there. And they can connect you to a ton of retailers that offer used games for less.

In addition, they offer a video-game-of-the-day deal by which one game is marked down further (often 30% or more off retail price), although quantities may be limited. And they have also begun to buy back used games that are in good condition, offering credit through their site that may be used to purchase new games. So you can get rid of those games that you no longer want while securing new ones with the credit you earn (they’ll even forward you the shipping box to send in your games). If, however, you’re a little leery of this practice, simply take your used games into your local EB Games store to get a similar deal (trade-ins for store credit).

There are also ways to save on a download game. For one thing, you can sometimes download your favorite games directly to your console for less (since you aren’t paying for packaging and the actual game disc). You can also use services like Bit Torrent or Morpheus to “share” games (in other words, download them for free after someone else has bought and posted them). While this borders on piracy, it is one option amongst many (just make sure your virus protection is beefy). So whether you’re looking for hard-to-find older games, free simulation games, or the hottest offerings that haven’t even hit the market yet, you can find ways to save by buying online, using trade-ins, or even downloading them for free. For the avid gamers out there, each of these options will certainly have its appeal.

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