How to Win The Back To School Shoe Debate

Whether you have a first grader or a high school student, chances are that you struggle with your child in finding shoes that are both stylish and appropriate. Winning the back to school shoe debate is often more of a compromise than a real win, but with the right information and skills you can help your child find a pair of shoes that are durable enough for the playground while also being cute and affordable.

Choosing Your Shoes

The most important aspect of choosing back to school shoes is to find out your child’s shoe size exactly and to choose a shoe that can support your child’s developing foot well. Gym shoes, for example, should be more shock absorbent than shoes worn in the classroom since your child will be running and jumping in gym. Talk to your child about the types of shoes that they want for the fall season, being clear about your price range and how many pairs of shoes you will be purchasing.

Even the youngest children can help you stick to your budget for new shoes if you are clear about how much you can spend before going shopping. Depending on your school dress code, you may also be able to take advantage of back to school sales to save even more on your shoe purchases. Most kids need at least two pairs of shoes to start school, with one pair for gym and one for the classroom. If you have a girl starting school, a pair of dress shoes or sandals may also be needed to go with dresses and other school outfits.

Finding The Right Pair

Finding shoes that you know are good for your child and shoes that your child really wants to wear can be a struggle. The best way to manage your child’s expectations for new shoes is to limit their choices to one or two pairs. Opting for stylish shoes that also offer good quality and exceptional comfort is the best compromise you can reach. Choosing based on brand name can be a good way to ensure you like the quality of your new shoes, but you also want to make sure that your child tries the shoes on for comfort since different brands can be sized slightly differently. You will also want to make sure you have your child’s foot measured before buying shoes to check for over the summer growth.

Most kids prefer sneakers for daily wear, although some schools require wearing loafer type shoes based on their dress code. Both of these types of shoes should be flexible and cushioned on the inside for comfort. Leather exteriors are the best option for durability, although canvas sneakers are also stylish and comfortable. Leather does tend to last a little longer, while darker colors can appear to be newer for a longer period of time than white and other light colors. If you want shoes that will last for a few months, you will definitely want to opt for sturdy shoes in a navy, black, or brown color.

Shoe Shopping Tips Submittted By Nicole: Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the fashion and health and fitness industries for three years. She used a great Kohl’s coupon, when she went back to school shopping with her niece, which saved her money on shoes and clothes including jeans, shorts, tank tops and t shirts.
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