Ideas for Home Made Children’s Furniture

Building home made children’s furniture does not require expert skills or expensive equipment to produce quality items you and your child can treasure together. With a few weekends and evenings and some basic tools, projects for children will not only delight the proposed recipient but are great for learning new techniques and honing already learned skills. The reasons for making your own children’s furniture go beyond the joy of a hobby and the enjoyment of a child; furnishings built from wood are better for the environment than yet more plastic objects that will clog up landfills, and you know everything that goes into the product, taking no risk of lead-based paints and questionable construction.

The internet has a near endless supply of tutorials and online lessons to show you any necessary techniques step by step, many with pictures or videos to ensure you understand every nuance. A search or two can also find woodworking plans, both free and for cost, for any type of child’s furniture you might desire. Some tutorials will also guide the more experienced wood crafter in personalizing plans from basic guidelines, to fit the end product specifically to your needs.

Any child loves a home made playhouse. This might seem an intimidatingly large project, but its very size makes it simpler in many ways. It requires less finicky small details and can be built from cheaper wood like 2 by 4s and plywood that can handle rough treatment and less than perfect skills. A playhouse can be as elaborate as a miniature castle complete with crenelated tower, or as simple as a wooden box with a door and a tarp for a roof.

Toy Storage

Homemade Toy Box Project from The Far Fifty

Building a toy chest or box for your child can make cleaning up more special and easily encouraged. Putting toys away can be much more fun if they go into a personalized pirate’s treasure chest or a miniature trunk fit for a princess. To make it more special, get your child involved in the process by helping to choose paint colors and, if the child is old enough, even helping paint. The memories will be worth any resulting mess.

Bookcases, Shelves, and Racks
While some children naturally love reading, others need persuasion to show interest in books. A hand crafted bookcase that creates a fun library area for your little reader can help develop interest in that area, and the creative array of plans should let your imagination free as a woodworker. You can easily find a plan that incorporates your child’s interests and bedroom furnishing theme. Book storage can range from as complex to a miniature castle to as simple as ledges with railings that fit right to the wall and allow for oversized children’s books to be tucked away without hassle.

Benches and Stools
All kids love furniture sized down to fit them, and benches with toy storage or stools that convert to step-stools make good projects for the intermediate woodworker. These require a bit more care than the previous projects for children, as you do not want a wobbly seat for a child whose balance is already precarious.

Art Centers and Play Tables
A unique project for a child with artistic inclinations is a homemade art center with an easel for sketching and plenty of storage for art supplies. Blackboard paint is available at most hardware centers and is a neater option than paper and paints. The addition of a cork board means that the child can hang up favored photos or masterpieces. A play table is another great interactive project, especially with storage options and an easily-cleaned surface.

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  1. One of my many pursuits, especially when it is too cold outside to be outside, is to build things from native wood grown around where I live. Usually, ‘blue’ or lodge pole pine. A couple of years ago I started making chest that I sold for various uses. It never occurred to me that they could be used as toy chests…. mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com