Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Autumn is one of the most versatile and exciting seasons to decorate the home for. As the Fall months quickly approach us, it may be tempting to run out to the stores and stock up on all the cute seasonal decorations on display. Before you put a dent in your pocket, take a moment to consider: do you really need to spend $10 on that ceramic pumpkin, or $30 on that Halloween wreath? There are ways to celebrate the fall in your home without causing you to go bankrupt. All it takes is a good imagination, some creativity, and knowledge of where to purchase supplies- for cheap.

Buy Used

One of the best places to buy seasonal decorations are in stores that sell used goods, such as the Goodwill and local thrift shops. People are always getting rid of their holiday decorations- which is where you come in and benefit. On any given day you can be guaranteed to find some cute decorative piece in celebration of Autumn. Some of these items have barely been used and are in excellent condition. Why spend $10-20 on a ceramic jack-o-lantern, when you can find the exact same one for a couple bucks in a used store?

Make Your Own Decorations

Another way to save is by making your own decorations. Autumn themed craft supplies can usually be purchased at dollar stores or bargain art supply outlets. Straw bows, ribbons, plastic gourds and squash, orange, yellow, red and purple felt flowers and basic grapevine wreaths are not hard to find- and are typically inexpensive. With the help of a hot glue gun, you can make your own beautiful, elegant Autumn or Halloween wreath. Homemade wreaths are very easy to assemble, and allow you to express your creativity. Autumn is a time of year which makes us think of homemade crafts, folk art, and items found in old country stores. What better way to celebrate than by crafting your own home decorations from scratch?

Ideas For Your Home

Whether you live in a big, luxurious home with tons of extra space or a small, cozy abode, there are tons of ways you can liven up the place to welcome the turning days of Fall.

Most homes have the basic layout of a living room, kitchen, dining area, hallway, bedrooms and possibly a spare room for recreation. We will discuss ways to decorate your living room, kitchen, dining area and recreational area (if you have one.)

Let’s start with the living room. The living room is, for most people, the most important room in the house. A majority of your time spent at home is done so in the living room. Brightening the room up with a touch of Fall not only adds an element of elegance, it also adds a sense of comfort to the room. Fall scented candles, a basket with felt colored leaves, ceramic pumpkins and Halloween themed knick-knacks really liven up the room.

For the kitchen and dining area, you will want to add a touch of the season without overdoing it. The simple act of adding Autumn themed towels featuring pumpkins, fall leaves, acorns, or black cats on them can shift the atmosphere from that of the bright days of summer to the colorful days of fall. Introducing some jack-o-lantern or ghost shaped salt and pepper shakers to the room also sets the environment up for the days of Harvest and upcoming festivities. A bowl or wicker basket full of hay with orange and red felt leaves filled with a pyramid of gourds and miniature pumpkins makes a lovely centerpiece on your dining room table. These things can all be purchased for fairly low prices- if you know where to look. You can also use plastic or Styrofoam gourds and pumpkins in your centerpieces- that way you can reuse the same pieces year after year.

Fall Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece by BH&G

Autumn candle holders in the center of your table set the mood for Autumn, too. Again, these are things that are inexpensive- if you buy used or from discount stores.

If you have a recreational room (or family room) and wish to decorate in honor of the changing seasons, placing a few pumpkins or gourds, as well as an Autumn floral arrangement should do the trick. If your recreational room has a pool table or football table (aka “Foosball”), you can incorporate these into your décor scheme, too. A fake strand of ivy or fall colored leaves draped around your pool table or football table will add an element of the season to a game that already reminds us of Fall. Another idea for is wrapping a strand of orange and purple Halloween lights around your pool table, to give your recreational room an eerie glow.

These are just a few ideas of how to inexpensively prepare your home for the upcoming Fall season. The more creative you get, the more Autumn-like your home will seem. Most importantly, have fun while you decorate- and enjoy a nice, hot cup of spiced apple cider while you’re at it!

How do you like to decorate for fall?

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