Is extreme couponing too extreme?

Extreme couponing is more than a reality TV show. For some it has become a way of life. They spend hours a day finding coupons, organizing them and chasing down deals. The ultimate goal? To get as much as they can for as little money as they can. It often involves buying numerous amounts of the same product and stockpiling it for use in the future. Some folks will stockpile hundreds of an item, like toothpaste or packages of toilet paper. While getting a great deal is never a bad thing, could extreme couponing be too extreme? The answer is yes and no. Like everything in life it is possible to go too extreme with extreme couponing. If you are into extreme couponing and are worried that you are going a bit too far, the following is a list of things that you should always keep in mind.

Time vs money
Not everything of value has a price tag on it. Time, for instance, is very valuable but isn’t something that can be reduced to a monetary value. If you have a few hours a day to spend on extreme couponing, hours where you wouldn’t necessarily being doing anything else, then that’s fair game. But if you find yourself shirking work and family responsibilities, spending ALL of your time finding, cutting out and organizing coupons, then you may need to reevaluate the situation.

Do you have the room?
A key aspect of extreme couponing is buying multiples and creating a stockpile. Having extras of products that you and your family use on a regular basis is a good thing: having 200 cans of wet cat food in your kitchen when you don’t have a cat isn’t. And even if you have a cat, do you have the room for that much cat food? You don’t want your home to just become a storage area for your stockpile.

Smart couponing
Even if you can get a great deal on salad dressing, if no one in your family will use it, then it really isn’t that great of a deal. Try to ignore the lure of a great deal for the sake of a great deal. Stick to buying and saving on products that you will actually use. Saving money on something that you’ll never use isn’t really saving money in the long run.

Addictive personalities beware
If you have an addictive personality or are getting over an addiction, then you will want to be careful with extreme couponing. Saving loads of money can give you a high and the activity can become extremely addicting. If you start to notice it’s all you can do and it’s all you can think about, you will want to pull back a bit and reevaluate the situation.

Keep it fun
Extreme couponing, while beneficial, should also be fun! Have fun hunting down and finding coupons. If your spouse or children are also into extreme couponing, make a game out of it! If it starts to become a burden, stressing you out and making you miserable, then it may not be worth it in the end.

Whether extreme couponing is too extreme really depends on the person and their individual circumstance. Like any activity in life, it is possible to take it too far. But most people can take advantage of extreme couponing without any issues arising. By paying attention to the above mentioned tips, you can take part in extreme couponing with out the worry that you may be taking it too far.

Shelly Towns is a self-proclaimed bargain hunter who enjoys finding Altrec coupon codes, shopping sales, and exploring thrift shops.
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  1. I personally think it is out of control. A lot of these women are moms with young kids who sit around for 6+ hours a day hunting down deals and snipping coupons when they should be spending that time taking care of the home and the kids. I think it is pathetic to stockpile 100 tubes of toothpaste…ridiculous and I believe all of this turns into addiction & into OCD problems. No one should buy more than what they need for 1 month…2 months MAX. Just my 2 cents. I also dislike all of these daily deal sites as I feel it encourages folks to buy things they don’t really need just because it’s a good deal. I have seen women turn into shopping addicts thanks to daily deal sites. No thank you!