Jockey #Staycool Collection {review}

With scorching hot summers here in SE GA, I’ll do just about anything in an effort to stay cool during the hot months. Since running around naked is not an option, I generally opt for apparel that is thin and made of materials that do not retain heat. Naturally when I had the opportunity to review the Staycool collection from Jockey, I jumped right on the offer.

The Staycool collection from Jockey is made with the Outlast® technology that helps your skin feel up to 3 degrees cooler. Even 1 degrees cooler here is a huge help when we often top 100+ degrees.

I received the StayCool reversible t-shirt which is like two shirts in one, because you can wear it as a crew neck or flip it around and wear it as a a v-neck. This top is form fitting and does cling to the body. While it was soft and comfortable, I’d love to see it made in larger sizes for those who do not like the form fitting tops. After washing I could tell it was even snugger to my body than before, so this top may be better not dried. I would also love to see it go tagless like similar Jockey products.

I also received the StayCool reversible tank, which I love! The sleeveless design is much more comfortable for me during the super hot days, and I would say it did help keep me a bit cooler. Like the t-shirt this can be worn crew new or v-neck. I would suggest ordering one size larger than normal if you do not like a close form fitting design. This is one of my favorite tops for busy days on the go. As of now, the StayCool reversible tank is available in 6 colors and I would love to see more colors added! I would definitely purchase more of this top!

Jockey also sent me some of the StayCool collection’s brief and bikini underwear. Both are extremely comfortable and well fitting. Both washed well and did not shrink for me any. While the bikini’s are my favorite I like the brief’s also. I like to wear the brief’s when I am working out, because they keep me covered and are very comfortable when your moving around a lot. If you enjoy a comfy panty over sexy panties, these are a great option!

I’d love to see Jockey come out with some boy-shorts or even thongs in this collection! The same comfort with a sexier look.

I’m very excited I had the opportunity to try the StayCool collection! Everything is comfy and I can say the StayCool reversible tank helps keep me cooler during the hot says we have here daily. I would love to see a wider ranger of color options for the tops because I’d love to have a few more. The Jockey StayCool collection is also available for men!

Disclaimer: The Jockey products mentions above were sent to me at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.
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