Keeping Trick-or-Treaters Warm This Halloween

If you live in an area that could potentially be cold on Halloween, then be prepared to bundle up those little ghosts and goblins. Luckily many costumes, especially those for infants, are fairly warm and cover up baby pretty well.

But as kids get older, the costumes get more varied. And no kid wants to put a coat on over his or her Halloween costume! So how do you keep those little ones warm? Here are a few tips to help keep the kiddos warm while keeping the costume in tact.

  • Find costumes for the kids that allow for boots or warm shoes. If needed, you can always find a slip cover to put over the shoes to match the costume.
  • For costumes that leave bare legs, slip on a pair of skin-colored leggings, long underwear or tights under the costume – even on the boys! My son is going to be a pirate. He’ll be be wearing long undies under those thin, ripped pirate pants.
  • For costumes that leave bare arms, use a skin-colored or white turtleneck or long underwear top under your child’s costume.
  • Encourage your child to wear a costume with a hood. This is an easy way to keep the head and ears warm. You can also slip on a hat under the hood for extra warmth. Wigs are always good too.
  • Use a mask instead of face makeup. Less work, less clean up, and a much warmer face.
  • Encourage the use of gloves or mittens…these don’t distract too much from the costume, but can go a long way in getting those little hands from getting too cold.
  • If a cape is part of the costume, replace the thin costume cape with a wool one the same color.
When trick-or-treating is over, serve up a nice cup of hot chocolate or apple cider to your little ones to cap off a fun, and warm, Halloween!
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