Keeping Your Details Safe When Shopping Online

Many people worry when they shop online that their personal details and potentially their credit card numbers will be stolen and used illegally. This common concern is justified as internet related fraud is a huge industry that costs the global economy billions of Dollars a year. However if you are careful and follow some simple guidelines you should be able to shop online safely and save money at the same time. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of top tips to help you stay safe online.

Computer safety

This one is incredibly still overlooked by many people despite being one of the most common ways personal information is collected. Having anti-virus software is absolutely essential to keeping your computer and your details safe. However you also need to follow safe browsing and downloading habits as even the best anti-virus software isn’t fool proof. Be careful what you download and always be wary of download offers you did not initiate as these often contain spyware and other harmful programs that may compromise the safety of your personal details.

Browsing safety

Entering your credit card details online shouldn’t be taken lightly and there are a number of things to look out for and tips we can offer to ensure that when you enter your details they are secure. Firstly the address you are shopping from is a very good indication of the legitimacy of any site. Check that the spelling matches the company name and if you are in any doubt do a direct search engine search for the company and check that you are on the original site. This is one of the most common ways that people’s details become compromised as it is often very easy for company’s logos images and site to be cloned. Secondly always do the majority of your online shopping through established and recognizable companies so that you can ensure the quality of the products bought, their legitimacy as original products and security of your details.

Shopping safety

Equally important to safe online shopping is the shopping itself. Rule number one when shopping online is that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. There are a plethora of fake deals websites and too good to be true offers online with the most common being beauty products and fake electrical goods. If you think an offer looks too good then research the company fully. If there are contact details for the company give them a call or contact them to check whether they are legitimate. Secondly be sure to check the terms and conditions and the returns policy as well as any hidden charges that might apply. A common trick of less scrupulous companies is to rebill you after a set period or to send faulty goods and not let you return them. Generally sticking to well-known names or comparison sites will help you steer clear of these problems though.

Check the security

Always check that the company you are going to use has secure payment methods. This will generally be outlined on their web page and gives you the added security that your details are not stored insecurely.

Alternate payment methods

If you are unsure whether a company is legitimate a good option is to see if they have PayPal or alternate forms of payment that don’t require your credit card details. Generally legitimate companies will have alternative payment methods available so if you are reluctant to share your credit card details you can still take advantage of the fantastic deals the internet has to offer.

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