How to Get Stylish Furniture that Doesn’t Need to Be Coated With Bubble Wrap!

Finding great furniture that isn’t just stylish but also kid-friendly can be quite tricky. This is primarily due to the fact that kids are just flat out mess and disaster prone! Thus, it becomes very important to have beds, drawers, wardrobes, and desks that are tough enough to endure the rigors of kids’ play.

Go for a furniture style that is not just comfortable but also clean-lined. Tassels and frills look great, but aren’t really suitable for homes with children. It is very important for the kid’s furniture to be low maintenance (otherwise you will end up cleaning it all the time). However, being low maintenance doesn’t mean that your furniture has to look extremely cheap and simple. The important thing is that your furniture should be durable, easy to clean, and well-made.

Now you don’t have to compromise on style just because there are kids at home. Imagine if you could get beautiful upholstered furniture to decorate your home without having to worry about spilled food, fingerprints, or figures and paintings drawn by your little one. The new slob-proof furniture made using a fabric known as Crypton is extremely easy to clean and even stubborn stains such as chocolate syrup and ketchup can easily be washed off in few minutes without using any industrial strength cleansers. Not only this, they are also elegantly designed and are available in a wide variety of color and prints. Nowadays, the selection in Crypton furniture is so wide that you will be spoilt for choice.

Choose durable materials for the furniture. For instance, if Crypton isn’t your thing (or you’re Superman) go for leather upholstery. Though it may seem to be quite luxurious, it is actually really durable and can be cleaned quite easily by wiping. Not only this, it also ages gracefully. With the huge variety of options in leather available today, it has become possible to design your home with furniture that will be able to make your home look fabulous while avoiding mess caused by children. When it comes to other fabric choices, you should go for softer ones that are easy to wash. It is better to choose fabrics with flat weaves that would hold up in a better manner than looped or lightweight fabrics. Some of the stain-proof and easy care fabrics include vinyl, denim, twill, ultrasuede (or microfiber, which is actually naturally dust and pollen resistant), felt, wool, velvet, and other natural materials containing a little synthetic fiber add to increase its toughness.

It is also very important to accessorize wisely. High mantles and shelves are perfect for beautifying and dressing up the room while keeping it out of the reach of little kids. You can keep beautiful pieces of art, and other accessories on these high shelves, whereas you can dress up the lower shelves using boxes or baskets for toys, games, DVDs, and papers. Also make sure to bolt the display shelves and bookcases to the wall. I had a friend when I was little find a way to pull his 5 foot tall dresser on top of himself! He was 5. He’s ok and all today (except for the nervous ticks…I jest!), but it was definitely an eye-opener for his parents. Let his story be held in memory as you secure your furnishings!

Although it’s true that maintaining a home with kids can be difficult, by making the right choices, you can prevent it from becoming downright ugly.

Author Bio: Ethan S. writes on behalf of Design55, a UK-based designer furniture shop that specializes in modern living rooms.
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