Madres y Comadres; KMART’s U.S. Hispanic MiniSeries & $50 Gift Card #Giveaway CLOSED

To help kick-off the new Miniseries launched by KMART, Madres y Comadres, we’re giving away a $50 KMART gift card (enter below)!

KMART launched the first brand-produced U.S. Hispanic video series distributed through YouTube. Connecting with Hispanic moms, Madres y Comadres is an eight-part original Spanish-language miniseries focused on Hispanic mothers and the unique challenges they face raising a family in America while also remaining true to their Hispanic identity.

“Kmart is a heritage brand with a rich history in America. We’re passionate about the diversity of our customer base and excited about the opportunity to speak directly with our Hispanic customers while celebrating their culture and traditions,” said Mark Snyder, chief marketing officer, Kmart. One driving insight is the role that extended families play in Hispanic culture, leading to the title “Madres y Comadres” (Madre meaning mother, and ‘Comadre’ which translates to a mother’s close female friend that she confides in). The scripted series is accompanied by twelve video interviews with real Hispanic moms from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and Colombia coping with the nuances of raising American children in a traditional Hispanic household.

“Women are forced to play so many roles – mothers, housewives and professionals,” said writer and director Alberto Ferreras best known for his long-running “Habla” documentary series on HBO Latino. “When you are a Latina, you have to be all that and bilingual and bicultural. These segments are a tribute to all mothers working so hard and learning from and supporting each other.”

View the Madres y Comadres YouTube Channel at or connect via twitter Twitter @madresycomadres

To help spread the word we have a $50 Gift Certificate for one lucky reader!

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