KnifeDock Knife Storage Solution {Product Review}

Knife Dock Knife Storage SolutionAs a mom of three young girls, I always seem to find myself pressed for time — kids’ school, band practice, shopping, cleaning, you name it. There’s always so much to do and so little time to do it. Unfortunately, I recently found myself taking shortcuts in order to accomplish everything that needed to be done in a busy day. While I always enjoyed cooking and spending time discovering new recipes, with my time crunch it seemed that more often than not our family was eating frozen dinners and fast food. I’m very conscientious about health and nutrition though, and I’ve recently made an effort to spend more time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals for my girls.

To gain inspiration, I turned to some of my favorite foodies and reread the works of Jamie Oliver and Lidia Bastianich. I stocked my kitchen with new spices and made certain my grocery list contained more fresh vegetables than processed and canned foods. I’ve really been on a roll lately and even purchased a new wok and a set of professional-grade knives to facilitate slicing and dicing. Nothing beats a good, sharp knife in the kitchen, and I’ve really come to appreciate how well this simple tool helps to speed up prep time. Whether I’m chopping carrots for homemade soup and stew or fileting a chicken breast for grilling, my new knives help me quickly and safely get the job done.

My Review. When I was first approached to write a product review for the KnifeDock I was immediately intrigued. Although I was committed to preparing healthy meals and went as far as purchasing new knives, I really hadn’t given any thought towards knife storage. Like all my kitchen utensils, I have my knives stored in one of three kitchen drawers. Knives, spatulas, wooden spoons, ladles, etc. are all tossed together. When I need something, I dig for it. Before the KnifeDock, I hadn’t realized how much time it takes to search for a knife or how bad it can be for a knife blade to be chucked into a drawer with other utensils and cutlery… but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

First of all, let me explain what the KnifeDock is. Quite simply, it’s a wooden tray that allows for the safe storage of your favorite knives. It doesn’t matter what size your knife is — everything from small parring knives to 12 inch chef’s knives can be accommodated  in the KnifeDock. A series of flexible, cork rubber dividers make certain that the blades don’t touch each other and that the knives stay vertical. This not only makes it easier to identify the knives you need (no more digging in drawers!), but keeps the knives secure during storage.

StabSlab KnifeDock Knife BlockWhen the KnifeDock first arrived I was immediately impressed with how well the product was made. The wooden insert is constructed from pieces of 3/8″ thick bamboo (I should note that I’m a big fan of bamboo kitchen products — not only is the wood a super durable, food-grade material, bamboo is sustainable and environmentally friendly). This was not a cheaply made product by any means, and besides being sturdy it really looked terrific. I could easily envision the KnifeDock being used in an upscale, professional kitchen as well as my humble kitchen with crayon drawings stuck to the refrigerator door. The KnifeDock was lined with a piece of thick, spongy cork rubber at the bottom to protect the sharp edges of knives from being nicked and blunted, and had the flexible dividers positioned against the back edge. These dividers look simple enough, but they really are innovative and are part of the company’s patent pending, StabSlab technology. As a test, I was able to easily fit knives of different lengths and thickness within the KnifeDock. The StabSlab dividers accommodated the different sized blades and securely held the knives in place without any difficulty. In total, I was able to store six of my favorite knives within the tray at one time.

While I was impressed with the bamboo construction and brilliant StabSlab technology, I was equally impressed with how well the KnifeDock fit within my kitchen drawer. I’ve never been a fan of traditional knife blocks (they take up too much valuable counter space), so it was refreshing to find a storage solution that not only kept knives secure, but was able to be tucked away. With the KnifeDock, I was still able to keep my knives in my drawer, but I didn’t have to worry about the blades being damaged or cutting myself when searching through my collection of utensils.

To summarize, these are the features that I enjoyed most about the KnifeDock:

  • Durable, bamboo construction
  • Upscale look
  • Innovative StabSlab technology
  • Secure, safe protection of knives
  • Knives are easy to be seen and accessed
  • KnifeDock tucks away in kitchen drawer

The KnifeDock is sold in many fine retail stores, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, and The Container Store. If you’re interested you can also purchase direct from the company’s website ( I reviewed the original KnifeDock (retail cost $29.99), but the company also makes a larger, deluxe version ($48.99). No matter how you slice it, the KnifeDock is an innovative, affordable storage solution for your favorite kitchen knives.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for my review. The opinions here are mine alone. KnifeDock and StabSlab are trademarked names of the manufacturer.

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