Luxury Items That Are Worth More Money Than Sense

They say money can’t buy you happiness, yet Roman Abramovich always seems to be smiling. Money also can’t buy you common sense, but when you’re super rich enough to buy luxury items like the ones listed below, do you really need it? Only obtainable by those with bottomless pockets, the following most expensive luxury items have price tags carrying the same digits as most people’s phone numbers. Still, if you’ve got it, it makes sense to flaunt it.

The Luxury Yacht
No self-respecting playboy can exist without a stunning yacht to take his stunning girlfriend back for a nightcap. The most expensive yacht is, not surprisingly, owned by the mega-rich and aforementioned Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich. Named the ‘Eclipse’ or ‘mega-yachtsi’, this incredible yacht has a ground shaking price tag of approximately $1.2 billion. Of course, this includes your usual everyday features like your own submarine, bullet-proof windows and an anti-paparazzi laser shield which emits high powered lasers at the paparazzi cameras, destroying the film within. It all sounds very James Bond, but with a bank balance like his, Abramovich can be anyone he chooses.

Luxury Sunglasses
There’s no point soaking rays onboard your yacht while squinting your way through several cocktails. The super-rich require serious eyewear and with a price tag of around $383,609, the Dolce & Gabbana DG2027Bs are certainly serious sunglasses. The brown tinted shades are elegantly framed in gold, while the brand logo is beautifully written in diamonds on the arms. A fine way to look.

Luxury Watch
It took no lesser beauty than Eva Mendes to show off the most expensive watch in the world, the Jaeger-LeCoultre – Joaillerie 101 Manchette, at the Venice Film Festival in 2009. Deemed to be priceless, the exquisite watch is estimated to be worth around $25million, comprised of 576 diamonds and a bracelet fashioned from 18 carat white gold. Truly a timeless beauty. And yes, the watch was nice too.

Luxury Pool Table
What is the point of being a playboy if you never have time to play? Fitting your yacht with the Luxury Billiard made by Vincent Facquet will enable you to sink some pockets and empty your own for a while. There are three models available, the Noblesse (inlayed with 18 carat gold), Majeste and Royal (inlayed with platinum), all for the very reasonable price of $177,000. Ouch. Still, it might inspire you to raise your game to suit the table.

Luxury Lingerie
It can be tiring for a playboy’s girlfriend or wife. Champagne, sunbathing and shopping takes its toll and often a little spice must be added to keep the relationship at a suitable temperature. Victoria Secret’s Red Hot Fantasy Bra and Panties were the most expensive lingerie set every created, made with 1,300 precious stones, which included 300 carats of Thai rubies, on luxuriant red satin. Sure to get things to boiling point, the lingerie set was originally modelled by Gisele Bundchen, with fire extinguishers on standby.

Luxury Champagne
A touch of the bubbly is an important part of the playboy’s diet. If you really want to splash out, then why not buy a bottle of the world’s most expensive champagne at $275,000? The Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck was salvaged from the shipwrecked Swedish freighter Jonkoping in 1997, which was sunk by a German submarine in the Gulf of Finland. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia never received his bubbly and things continued to go downhill for him. Now finally arrived in Russia, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, extremely wealthy guests can sip from a glass of history.

Chime in! If you had all the money in the world would you spend it lavishly?

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