Lying To Enter Giveaways; Giveaway Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

It saddens me to even type this blog post today, but I feel like it needs to be done after I have found yet another giveaway cheater. I feel like an elementary school teacher talking to her class about what’s right and what’s wrong. The sad thing is there are several people who actually find the time to attempt to cheat entering giveaways.

One thing I can not stand is a liar. It’s a feeling of disgust when I find someone lying or cheating (both are basally the same).

The Fabulous Shopping Mom blog will not tolerate cheating to enter giveaways. Not only do I find this behavior pathetic (like what adult really wants to win so bad they will forget about morals?) but it also pisses me off. I take the time to check every single entry on every giveaway I host, so It really ticks me off to find cheaters entering my giveaways and wasting my time.

Apparently the cheaters do not understand the concept here of legitimately entering a giveaway- so let me break it down.

Cheating- Entering a giveaway using several different names. Bloggers are not stupid. It’s very easy to see where our comments are coming from. I love when you make it easy (to spot your cheating) by using email addresses just about the same. So, by using email addresses that identify you and your IP address– your busted.

Hity88, Hiana88, Richard T., Anna T or what ever other names you use- I know what your doing.

This is also a version of lying, as anyone who enters giveaways under a name other than their own is lying.

Lying- Entering a giveaway and attempting to get additional entries by listing things you’ve done that you really did not. Example: Claiming to like a sponsors Facebook page to get 2 additional entries. Guess what cheaters? I check that stuff! So if you try to blow smoke up my rear I only delete your entries. Not only is it not fair to the people who actually enter the giveaways fairly but it is also very rude to the sponsors of the giveaways.

So see, while your lying to get additional entries your also cheating!

Ever entry is verified. I check to make sure everything you say you have done is really done. It’s sad that I have to take the extra time to do this with every giveaway just to make sure a cheater does not win.

So, cheaters, do me the favor and just stop attempting to enter my giveaways. Or any other bloggers giveaways at that. We work to hard maintaining our blogs to try and babysit giveaway cheating.

When you cheat on this blog- every single entry will be deleted! I will not email you with an explaination (hell, do you really think I’m going to email you to tell you what I know you’ve done?), I will not warn you, your just removed.


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  1. yeah!!! Good for you on busting them! We busted them too and what really sickens me even more is the site owners who are not double checking entries (they state they are too busy to babysit) and letting the cheaters continue to participate. Well, we are all busy and part of our JOBS as site owners and hosts of giveaways is indeed to double check everyone’s entries. If you don’t have the time, then you shouldn’t be hosting them. Allowing cheaters to continue to participate because you are “too busy” is really saying that it’s okay to cheat on my blog. ugh!!! Fabulous post my friend!

    • Holly C. says:

      very pathetic! You shouldn’t have to waste your valuable time checking for grownups cheating, sad…

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hey Shelly, I have all comments moderated. I then check each one before I approve it. Then check them again before selecting a winner. To make it fair. I have saw people who tweet- then remove the tweet later, so I remove that entry. It can really be a PITA, but it’s only fair to the people who follow directions and enter honestly. It can be hard to try and catch people using different names and twitter handles, especially when the IP address does not match. Cheaters are slick and I see some trying to enter using a private IP.

  2. Sorry to hear this. As my blog gets bigger, I realize its a pain to verify each entry, but its worth it. I’d hate to reward cheaters with winnings.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Ash, Thanks for the comment. Your right it is a pain, but I would hate to see someone cheat and win. I would rather verify everything than have a liar win.

  3. It is great you take the time to check, us honest people really appreciate it being fair! Thanks!

  4. Kristie says:

    I always assumed that the blog owners checked the entries. I hate to hear that all blog owners do not check entries. I enter blog contests and spend time doing every single step that the owner requires in order to enter the contest. That makes me angry that other people don’t and then try to compete against people who have taken the time to do the right thing! Sometimes I just wish I drove the KARMA bus!

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Kristie, Checking each entry can be a big task especially for giveaways that have 2000+ entries. But to make it fair, it really needs to be done by each blogger.

  5. Wilma P says:

    I am glad to hear your are checking. Sometimes, when I enter a giveaway I have wondered if people really did everything they say they did.. Good for you.

  6. Alicia C. says:

    Good for you! I enter quite a few giveaways – it’s my “me time” after the kids go to bed – and I have noticed a lot of people who enter using the means you mentioned – especially the similar names/emails thing. I actually take time to do the things I want for those entries and don’t do the things I don’t want to do. If it means less entries, at least I know I’m being honest. Just remember – “Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You!” Both for those who do bad and those who do good!

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Alicia, You know the number of entries one does really does not matter much. I mean yeah, they get extra entries but I have entered lots of giveaways with one one or two entries and won. It’s all in the numbers- what lucky number gets picked.

  7. Paula Hafner says:

    Thank you for running an honest blog. I also wish more blogs would clearly state that only one person per IP/address can enter. It makes it clear so people can’t claim it;s their husband, Mom, adult child, etc. also entering. I also wish that bloggers would not allow anonymous comments since it make it easier for people to enter multiple times. Bloggers need to check Tweets carefully, too. I’ve seen people copy other’s Twitter links and claim it as their own Tweet. I’ve also noticed that many just repaste their original Tweet link and claim it as a new daily Tweet entry. Why do people feel the need to cheat. If I win, I want it to be fair and square.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Paula, I too saw someone doing that a few days ago! Copied a tweeted right above their entry and said they tweeted. Geesh- that is pretty desperate.

  8. Jamie E. says:

    Good! I’m glad they’re getting busted. As somebody that enters giveaways, this really pisses me off!

  9. Tiffany Daniels says:

    You go…….girl…….

  10. Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster says:

    Brava Tara! I can imagine how frustrating this is for you (and all bloggers who co-sponsor giveaways) to have to do THIS on top of just running/writing the blog, finding sponserrs, TAEANDING ALL OF YOUR GARDENS: : Your Children,, Husband the rest of your FAMILY, finding time for all of your other responsbilities, including (I hope, YOURSELF!) and your reward? Having to take the time to verify entries to giveaways… That is so OUTRGEOUS – it infurites me too! I hope your cheater(s) feel appropriately mortified and shamed by your eloquently articulated post, painstakingly spelling out the obvious to mentally and ethically challenged people who think nothing of reducing you to have to add playing cop and remedial teacher to morally retarded and sickeningly selfish people who actually GO TO THE TROUBLE of deliberately lying and cheating (same difference) to win a prize? Can we add the word pathetic to the list of character deficiencies? But ultimately, the saddest thing of all is that these liars / cheaters are quite likely also MOMS… sign.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      You know I have saw a mix of women and men doing the cheating. I was able to locate a few on the FB posts. 🙂 But many are moms- which is sad that they would go to the lengths of cheating. What kind of example are they setting?

  11. Jenette says:

    Wow! That is seriously low! I just hosted my first giveaway, I didn’t realize that I should check all entries. I just figured the one that won. But you’re right, good to know for future giveaways on my site.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Jenette, You do want to check entries! Because it’s only fair for the people who enter honestly to be considered.

  12. Stephanie G says:

    I have to totally agree with the both of you on this one! I too have caught the same person cheating and it really does leave a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach to have to go through every single giveaway entry and to find these liers and cheaters and to delete each of their entries! I have no use for them and your right it isn’t fair to all the people who enter the giveaways honestly. I really hate to because I know how difficult it is to enter giveaways with moderations on them but I honestly think I’m going to turn back on my comment moderations so that I can delete this persons entries as they come in.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Stephanie, I know it can be a pain for the person entering if comments are moderated, but it keeps the comments checked before posted.

  13. JoeyfromSC says:

    It is VERY sad that people do cheat! I see it all the time! It makes it bad for us who are honest. I have hosted 4 giveaways on my own blog, and have found a cheater once:( Thank you for calling them out!!

  14. JoeyfromSC says:

    Oh yeah and as you mentioned, when they CLAIM to do something for an entry and didn’t..That REALLY peeves me!! a host of giveaways and someone who enters!! It is ridiculous to be that lazy..You want the prize, but you don’t wanna put in the work to get it! Also, I hate when people don’t even take time to read the review/giveaway post! You and others, work hard on those least read it haha It infuriates me because you can also tell usually when they didn’t read/follow rules..or they put “I want to win” , “enter me” haha! drives me INSANE!!

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hey Joey, I know what you mean. I sure hope after this they will not even bother entering my giveaways. We give multiple ways to enter so people can get several entries, but this makes me just want to offer one entry per person. I will not do that because I like to get multiple entries in the giveaways I enter, but it does make me question the idea some.

  15. Doris C says:

    The one name you listed also has another 3 identities and enters on every blog! Can’t stand her very arrogant but if you see the twitter bio it says I’m phscotic, so ther you go, pisses me off that people are so greedy but also act like a child and they have kids, can you imagine what an entitled human being that child will turn into!! So glad to see thispost and a few have caught the same person in the last few weeks! I hate cheaters!

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Doris, would you mind sharing the other identities? I would love to know those to make sure I have not missed one!

  16. Terri S. says:

    Tara, you work so hard to bring us all these wonderful giveaways and it is so wrong for those people that lie & cheat to get entries for them. I feel bad that you have to do extra work to check to see who is being dishonest. What I wonder about is if these cheaters have children because then they are being such bad role models for their kids. Sending my thanks to you for all your work on terrific giveaways and also a big thank you for keeping them fair! 🙂

  17. ntiveheart aka jayedee says:

    As more and more of us find out this “pair” of cheaters…..they will either go away….or change their names and start over. We must be vigilant. It’s a shame that it comes down to that……i want to do product reviews and host giveaways…..not be a policeman for cheaters! We need to be very transparent when sharing this kind of information with our fellow bloggers. When the cheaters find out we compare notes and each of us has the others back, it should impact their shady little game!

    • Paula Hafner says:

      This blog needs a “like” button 🙂

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Agree. They can change their name or even block their IP address. I will start banning blocked IP’s also if I need too. We need to find some type of software that can help us better run our giveaways and keep these liars from wasting our time.

  18. Anastasia says:

    I blog as well and I am also SO FED up with cheaters! What a waste of time. I don’t always have the time to check each and every entry, though I try. Wish there was a BAN button for IP addresses that come back under different names to cheat again and again.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      A ban button would be great! But then when their ip resets they would be able to enter again. We need to come up with a WordPress plugin to help!

  19. stacey dempsey says:

    i am soo gald you wrote this, lately alot of blogs have really been cracking down on cheaters and for awhile it was soo rampant it was disheartning, glad to see that the blogs are taking this seriously and putting a stop it, soon people wont bother to cheat and it will be fair for everyone !!

  20. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    It is too bad that people lie & cheat. I am glad that you took the time to check it out. I admire your integrity and candor. Recently I mentioned (via PM) to a blogger that I thought someone was not following the rules as stated in a giveaway post. It was a real disappointment to see that person named as a winner later. When I questioned the blogger about it, she said I was banned. No big loss there, because I wouldn’t want to participate in a giveaway where cheating is tolerated. I was, however, frustrated–shouldn’t the blogger be held to some sort of accountability, also?

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Ok that would have really ticked me off. I wonder if she was a friend or something? Either way that is just not fair to the people who take their time to promote a website and giveaway.

  21. Randy Bailey says:

    Cheaters & liars make it unfair for the one’s who enter giveaways truthfully & honestly, by not following the rules. I believe in being respectful, courteous, truthful, honest to the blogger giving the giveaway, & too the readers entering the giveaway. Cheaters are greedy! Grow Up!!

  22. Debra B says:

    Tara Thank you so much for posting this information & letting us all know whats going on, I sincerely appreciate knowing that you & your blog are honest and will not tolerate cheating and I am glad that you do verify and moderate all comments especially before winners are chosen, But I’m so sorry that it now means alot more work for you, not to mention taking your precious time away from your personal life/family having to police your giveaways more closely now. Thank you for doing that. It would be great if all blogs were willing to take that extra precaution to avoid cheaters winning giveaways they were not entitled to win, I have seen this person (or persons) name posted as a winner on several blogs, People who lie, cheat, steal really piss me off so just knowing these people have won giveaways in the past because they (she) cheated, well its just not right, I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around, cheaters ruin good things for others. Someday they will pay for their cheating in one way or another. I think if I was a blog owner I might not want to offer giveaways simply because of the possible cheating that can happen , look what these cheaters have done to everyone, Its very frustrating for those of us who follow the rules do the extra entries & only enter for ourselves like anyone should do. I am glad that blog owners have the ability to see behind the lines and are able to catch the cheating , but apparently the cheaters arent always so smart to cover their cheating tracks, According to another blog owner who posted when she caught these people cheating the cheaters actually attempted to defend their selves while claiming to be Christians who said they dont or wouldnt cheat on a giveaway. How sad is that? Greed is a very ugly trait especially when its being taught & passed down to children who are learning by example, what kind of sick parent endorses this behavior? I cant imagine what kind of adults they will grow up and become, its so sad that their young life is being cared for by these idiots who apparently believe cheating/lying is ok as long as you dont get caught. Thank you again for calling them out and telling it like it is, I am hoping that the cheaters will read these posts too and either quit entering giveaways or grow some morals. Thank you to the other blogs who caught them cheating and posted on their blogs too, I think its a great thing for everyone to share info between sweepers & bloggers, I know we can all work together But Cheaters are not welcome.

  23. As the ‘cheaters’ appear on more and more blogs, I can’t help but wonder, isn’t this fraud? In CA there is a law against stealing from people through “trickery or device.” It has occurred to me that this is what cheaters do – try to deceive you in order to obtain something they are not entitled to… I am curious about how much time is spent reviewing all the posts? On this giveaway alone, I have posted like 37 entries. (All according to the rules.) It must take forever to get through every entry… The other thing I don’t understand is how much time they are saving by cheating. How much more time does it take to actually tweet something? Sometimes it seems they do it just to see if they can pull it off… Even if they do pull it off, numbers alone will not guarantee a win. The random number generator doesn’t care what you do. They just spit out random numbers. (Okay, so I am trying to maximize my chances through making as many posts as are ALLOWED by the blogger. And, when you hit a certain tipping point, your odds of winning do increase. I promised my sister I would win a t-shirt for her. She got me started sweeping. She only enters commercial sweeps and thinks I am crazy to enter blog giveaways… LOL)

  24. I can’t imagine how much time it takes to create all different identities and enter using all of them. My mom has no idea how blog giveaways works and she is always like oh enter me too – just use my info! Im like I can’t you have to do it from your own computer or I could get DQ’ed for cheating! I had that the names you mentioned enter a giveaway on my site. After I saw it, all future giveaways said only one person may enter per househould. They haven’t come back… yet.

  25. Jaque R. says:

    I am not a blogger, but I do enter blog sweepstakes. I am thrilled to hear that many of you are checking and keeping those sweeps honest. I was leery about entering blog giveaways, but I am feeling more comfortable as I learn how reputable most blog owners are. I do try to make it easy to check my entries by leaving enough info to easily check. Thank you all for seeking out cheaters and banning them….I hate the thought of people behaving so unethically.

  26. Jen-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    I just discovered several cheaters on my blog today, and I am not happy about it. It saddens me to no end too.

  27. Lori A. says:

    That’s crazy. It saddens me to know y’all have to spend so much time on that stuff.

  28. Wow! Just wow…. I play hard, but I play fair. Couple of questions. When you said something about copying another’s tweet, can you please elaborate? If a contest requires a tweet and I see someone before has already written one with an link in it and such I may copy and paste their tweet (just so I don’t have to write an original one), put it on my twitter and then post the link of what is now my tweet on the contest. Is this acceptable? Also…my pet peeve is when a contest says you can tweet every hour, for example. Every hour means just this! I see a couple people specifically who will tweet at 58 minutes for example. No! I wait until the 60th minute. I am sometimes tempted to bring it to the attention of the blog owner but think that is just too grade school-ish. But it irks me. Like I said….I DO play hard 🙂 But I play fair.

  29. Betty C says:

    I also had a question about the tweets. I don’t usually have the time or energy to tweet every hour or even daily, but with only 140 characters it’s hard to be very original. I appreciate the bloggers who give us a sample tweet to use. Can we use that same sample every day or do we need to come up with something on our own daily. If that’s the case, I guess I’ll just have to stop tweeting. I don’t have the imagination to come up with a lot of different tweets. Additionally, I saw one blogger who wants the email address in every comment. I’m somewhat at a loss to understand why. If every comment is verified, then why couldn’t you just go back to the first comment for the email address. Some bloggers want the email address in the comment even if it’s in the profile. I avoid those blogs because it’s just way too time consuming. Would it be improper to only verify the winning comment and the mandatory entry? I know it would skew the results to leave the invalid entries in, but as long as the winner followed the rules on the mandatory and winning comments it sure would save the blogger a lot of time.

    • Jen-Eighty MPH Mom says:

      As far as the retweets, you don’t have to do new “words” in the tweet, just make sure that it a new tweet…meaning, you don’t put the link to one and only one tweet in the comments. You should have a new link to your new tweet every day if you retweet.

  30. Angela Kinder says:

    I saw something like that on Twitter and was told about it. These cheaters are making it impossible for someone with a twin sister (have pictures to prove!) to enter giveaways. We sometimes enter the same ones (unintentionally) and don’t want to be seen as cheaters! Guess we’ll have to write a list of each one we enter so we don’t enter the same ones. Ugh. I hate cheaters.

  31. Although I fell your pain about cheaters being a person who frequently enters blogs I am sadden to see that the person hosting the blog is a cheater. Apparently some bloggers have a pattern of rewarding other bloggers with the reward so they may post a giveaway about it and do the same in return. This is cheating too and I do wish there was easier way to spot and stop it. As of now all you can do is have that blog banned from the website you got the link from, if that is the case. If you found the blog on your own, then your only option is to ignore and blacklist. I am sorry to see cheaters on either end. Not to mention the many blogs I have won and received multiple emails” Prize in mail”. Some from extremely legitimate bloggers who had illegitimate sponsors. Also I feel like it’s cheating if every entry you can do is somehow invalid. I.E. had a blog today subscribe to email was an entry , feedburner informed me they had not set that up yet. GFC was an entry, they didn’t even have a box and no links or boxes for Facebook and twitter as well. I also sometimes on Rafflecopter have said I done this only to inform the user the link was either invalid or my computer blocked it due to security reasons. I hope that doesn’t have all my entries deleted because I am just trying to help there.


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