Maidenform Sale – Thanksgiving Day


I have to admit, I really hate love buying bras. Okay, I don’t mind so much if they are on sale. I can’t ever seem to find the perfect bra. I’m not sure it even exists, unless you go pay a couple hundy for those specially fitted jobbers. If I could find just one that had straps that stayed on my shoulders, I would get on my roof and shout my excitement to the world.

Really. I would.

But for now, I will continue to shop the best brands and deals within my price range. That includes Maidenform. I love Maidenform bras. It’s a trusted brand and one of my go-to’s for bras.

Right now they having a fabulous sale on Thanksgiving Day! Remember, this sale is Thanksgiving Day only – so mark it on your calendar and log in before you put that turkey in the oven! (More sales to come from Maidenform next week – stay tuned!).

Shop on Thanksgiving and Take 30% Off Your Order at Our Gift to You. One Day Only! 

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