Making Extra Cash from Things in Your Storage

If you have been putting off cleaning out your storage, now is a great time to go ahead and do it. With more and more people looking to save money on household items, you could stand to make some money off the old items in your attic or garage. Here are just some of the items that sell well second-hand.
Old furniture, especially those that could be considered antique, sells well. Furniture that is from the ‘50s and the ‘60s is especially sought after and can sell for anywhere between $300 and $400.
Modern furniture, like chairs, tables and couches also sell at fairly decent rates. The best pieces to sell are those that are made of light wood and are well taken care of. The newer the piece of furniture and the better condition it is in, the more money you can make off of it.
Many people are looking for bargains on clothing, especially name brand ones. Couture brands such as Gucci and Chanel may fetch a pretty penny. Vintage pieces and hard to find ones will bring in the most money.
Other pieces of clothing that sells well are those from the ‘40s, the ‘60s and the ‘80s. Modern pieces will also sell, but for a very low price. If you are looking to simply clean out your storage, you can try selling clothes that are in good condition on craigslist or at a garage sale or at the swap meet. Whatever does not sell can be donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army and used as a tax write-off.
First-edition and limited-addition books and those that are signed by the author can bring in tons of money. For example, leather-bound books can earn you hundreds of dollars. So can collector’s editions books. Have your book appraised before seeking a buyer, so that you know it is authentic and have an idea of how much you can make off of it. Take your time when selling a book that is of value since you can stand to make good money from it.
Other books like paperback books, children’s books and those that are not overly special will still sell but not for a lot. You can fetch maybe 50 cents to a dollar per book at a garage sale or even at a second-hand bookstore.
If you have old LP’s, look through them for records from popular artists. Records by the Beatles or Rolling Stones in their original sleeves will sell for hundreds of dollars. Other records that will sell for a little less are those from popular bands or jazz greats, as long as they are in great condition and still in the original sleeve.
Old cassettes and CDs may make you some money, but you may be better off selling them at a second hand music store rather than directly on your own. With the rise of MP3 players and musical downloads, less people are investing in CDs.
Collectible Items
Items like porcelain dolls or popular toys made between the ‘20s and ‘40s can be a hot item with collectors. Vintage toys, old movie posters, antique coins and vintage cameras are also sought after. Incomplete coin collections and imperfect toys are still worth trying to sell, since they may still get you some money. Contemporary and local art also sell well.
Plates that feature dates, such as collector plates that come in the mail with a date on them, are not particularly popular with buyers. If the collection is complete, you may get something for it, but not as much as you would for other vintage plates.
Family Videos and Photos
Stock film companies may buy your old family videos and photos, if the videos are 8mm, super 8mm or 16 mm, and if the photos include someone famous or an iconic event.
Right now, the price of silver is climbing, making silverware valuable. However, flatware tends to sell even if it is not valuable, simply because it is an item that people needs.
Tools in good condition also sell well to retail customers. They can be pricey to buy new, so many people look for second-hand ones that still work well.
Older bikes can be a collector’s item. A three-speed that is in good condition can get you over a hundred dollars. Other bikes, like kids’ bikes or those you just do not ride anymore, can still be sold. These are higher-priced items that many people would like but do not care to pay full price for.
Cleaning out your storage seems like a tedious task, but it can be worth it. You could be sitting on a treasure trove of items if you have anything that could be considered antique or collectible.

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