Making Purple Work in a Boy’s Bedroom

Purple is often a decidedly feminine shade, and rarely used in a bedroom that is intended solely for a little boy. However, this viewpoint of purple is all wrong, and purple can be used for either a boy or a girl, depending on the shades that you use to support the purple and the shade of purple that you use. Obviously, some shades are nearly impossible to work with, but making purple work in a boy’s bedroom is possible, even with a variety of shades of purple and diverse supporting and coordinating shades.

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Here are some tips to help you balance the shade of purple with the masculinity needed to design a great oasis for boys of any age:

Black makes a great supporting or accent shade for a boy’s room and it works with almost any shade of purple. Add a deep purple if you want to contrast with a white wall, to give the room a lot of depth but add some darker elements to appeal to a typical boy’s sense of style. This method works especially well for a teen boy, and you can use many methods to add creative touches to the room, from black or purple silhouettes to charcoal as an accessory shade. Black and purple work great together when paired with any shade of blue or green, but stay away from the red end of the color spectrum to avoid a color clash.

Gray and purple are a classic combination. Many shades of gray, from light to dark, coordinate very well with contrasting shades of purple. For example, a light shade of gray goes great with a dark shade of purple, and vice versa. This provides depth to the room and it will make it easier to add accessory shades that break up the contrast. Brown is a great shade that can be used to contrast and liven up the purple or gray; for example, consider mix tan with deep purple and gunmetal gray.

Brown is a very popular companion to most shades of purple. Unlike grays, you can easily keep the shade in the same basic spectrum when you pair a shade of purple with a shade of brown for a boy. Keep in mind that you have to avoid the very light purples in this case, as the more pastels are much more feminine than the darker shades. Add white or a very masculine shade, such as silver or black, to make sure that the tone stays in the right place.

Guy-oriented décor is very important when you are decorating with shades of purple. For instance, avoid anything flowery or even remotely feminine when you accessorize in this type of bedroom, or the purple will give the room too much of a girlish touch and be much less likely to appeal to a boy of any age. Consider something very masculine as a balance to a more feminine shade, such as a great black or charcoal muscle car silhouette against a backdrop of purple.

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