Making Your Own New Year’s Eve Party Supplies

Whether money is tight or not, making your own New Year’s Eve party supplies is a great way to save some money and the environment at the same time. While the thought of creating your own party supplies may be intimidating, if you have some basic crafting know-how you can make some fun and creative items that are perfect for your New Year’s Eve bash. Check out the ideas below and see which ones will work perfectly for your guests.

Party Hats
Forget about those unattractive cardboard party hats that everyone is forced to wear on New Year’s Eve, and give your guests something a bit more wild and crazy. Begin by tracing a large cone shape on a sheet of paper. Make sure that it is big enough that, when cut out, it wraps around a person’s head. Use that as a template to make fabric party hats with a lot of personality. Instead of purchasing new fabric, use material that you have leftover from other projects and trace the template onto it. You can also use clean, old clothes that are destined for the trash bin. Try to stick with heavy cottons instead of knits, as the cotton will stand up better to wear. Cut out the fabric piece and sew the long ends together. Use a hot glue gun to glue on leftover craft feathers or lengths of old feather boas. Add glitter dots by putting small dollops of glue on the fabric, making sure there is a piece of paper or cardboard between the layers, and sprinkle on some glitter. If your friends are particularly crafty and enjoy creating their own things, you can have the hats already cut out and sewn, but make the decorating part of the party activities.

Those high-pitched whistles for New Year’s Eve are fun, but when you are purchasing a lot of them it can get to be a pricey proposition. Instead of buying them this year, make your own from paper towel tubes. Unless you go through a couple rolls of paper towels every week, you may want to start saving them as early as the beginning of the fall. You can also ask friends and family members to save theirs if you do not think you will have enough saved up. Begin by cleaning off all the stray bits of paper and covering them in colorful wrapping paper that was left over from Christmas or leave them their natural color. You can write on them with permanent marker, paint on them with acrylic paints or decorate them with leftover bits of ribbons, yarns and other craft materials that you have around the house. Do not be afraid to be creative! When the clock strikes midnight, party goers can toot their eco-friendly paper towel roll noise makers.

Doggie Bags
Do you send leftovers home with your guests? If so, try wrapping their leftover goodies in tinfoil and placing them in brown grocery bags that you save from shopping. Instead of lending your good storage containers, let guests literally bring home bags of food. This will save you from having to replace your storage containers and will make good use of the paper bags that you have around the house.

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