Fall Decorating: Modernize Your Home

As the fall season approaches, and after that the winter, people will be spending more and more time indoors. How modern, attractive, and cozy looking is your house? Is it a place where guests will be impressed and there will be a sense of cozy, inviting spaces and modern and chic sophistication or is cluttered, ordinary, and dated looking. Though you may feel that your house is cozy or pleasant enough, it is important not to sacrifice style for those qualities. Your house should be up to date and even artistic looking. It should be something that you actively look forward to showing friends. With all this in mind the following are some interior design tips for making your house both attractive and inviting during the chillier seasons and imbuing it with a modern look.

The Modern Mood/Attitude Shift
It’s a good idea to get into a modern mood before beginning to modernize your house, and this may require a bit of an attitude shift. The modern look is all about clean, clear, uncluttered spaces. It is about sharp lines and a lot circulation. Start thinking in these ways and you will be getting into the right spirit as regards your modern interior decoration. Think also about the new, forward looking mind sets and states that these rooms will produce. This is a beginning step toward making your house modern and engaging.

Modern Furniture
A great place to start in the physical sense with modernizing your house is with the furniture. Couches, chairs, dinner tables, coffee tables, desks, book cases, dressers – they are all available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be quite affordable since there are so many furniture pieces produced with a look that could be called modern. They can be purchased from posh art furniture galleries, high end furniture retailers, ordinarily priced furniture outlets, discount stores, online vending sites, and office supply stores – just to give a sense of the range of options available.

Go with what suits your price range. The main thing is to get modern furniture pieces that excite you personally and contribute to the overall modern look of a room. You may only want to with a few large or moderate sized pieces like a couch, a chair, and a table. This will set the tone nicely and you can add more later as inspiration occurs and finances allow.

Getting some new rugs is another way to modernize your house as winter approaches. Rugs always give a sense of warmth and coziness. The key here is to merge that with a sense of modernity and innovative design. You can consider things like area rugs with abstract designs on them and wall to wall carpeting made from new sorts of materials. It is important to keep in mind as well that rugs do not need to be “modern” per se in order to work well with the look you are trying to achieve. Something rustic like a sheepskin rug can work in a contrasting sense with sleek and streamlined looking modern furniture. The sense of eclecticism is in itself often a modern sort of interior design idea. The sheepskin rug can give a warm and countryish feeling to a floor while furniture gives the room a sense of cutting edge sophistication.

The art on your walls and other surfaces may be due for an update as well. You can try to get hold of prints from some modern painters, have them framed in a modern way and hang them on the walls. You can also put innovative sculptures on tables and on desks after clearing of the clutter. Art is important – modern houses are artistic and artistic houses are often modern.

Eclecticism applies here as well as in the case of the sheepskin rug above – you don’t have to stick to modern artwork. Art and sculpture from bygone or even ancient eras often looks great with modern furniture and décor. The very contrast and incongruity gives a sophisticated and multidimensional sense that is very up to date and artistic if it is done right. Pay more attention to qualities like color, tone, and general design forms that seem to work well together than the literal time period of the artwork.

Modernizing your house for the fall and winter can be a lot of fun. It can be done on a reasonable budget and you are likely to really enjoy the results. So get started and turn that ordinary house into a work of art in which spending the autumnal and wintry months will be a cozy and esthetically inspiring experience.

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