Mountain Rose Natural Ingredient Face Wash

You can have a beautiful face without the use of harmful chemicals found in many face wash products.

Sometimes your skin feels oily, sometimes dry, and many of us have a combination of both. The Mountain Rose Herbs, Rose Fash Wash ($10.50) is a gentle, lightly aromatic face washthat is ideal for most skin types, and is also perfect for mature and less supple skin.

The Rose Face Wash is a wonderful alternative to soap, which can be too drying and harsh for the facial skin.  This face wash is said to leave your skin silky-smooth.

The face wash is made with Organic Castille soap (saponified organic oils of Coconut and Olive, organic Jojoba oil, organic Aloe Vera, and Rosemary extract), organic Rose flower water, Grapefruit seed extract, Vegetable Glycerine, Calendula extract, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Rose Attar and Chamomile.

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