Not Your Mom’s Diaper Bag

Who says a diaper bag has to have frilly prints and pictures of animals on it?

My friends over at JP Lizzy have thrown out all the rules about what a diaper bag “should” look like.  They have designed a line of sleek, stylish AND functional diaper bags for Moms who are cool and refuse to throw out style for rubbie ducky prints.

I personally have been carrying JP Lizzy bags for over two years. Now that my son is three, I don’t carry diapers and bottles anymore, but I still cart around baggies of crackers, toy trains, extra undies (for my son of course) and a juice box or two. I recently switched from the tote bag to the Rocky Road patent leather satchel and absolutely love it. Not only can I carry tons in it, I get lots of compliments on it too.

And the prices on the JPL bags are very reasonable for a designer diaper bag. The satchels run from $60 – $78, while the totes run around $98.00.

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