PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag {Product Review}

PackIt Personal Cooler BagOne summer, shortly after Sean and I were first married, he worked as a construction laborer in Minneapolis. It was tough, grueling work running a jackhammer and shoveling bits of broken concrete into wheelbarrows. He’d come home exhausted, only to have to wake up at 5:00 AM the next morning to go at it again…

In those days, I used to pack Sean’s lunch in a plastic lunch box I had picked up at a garage sale. Lunch usually consisted of two sandwiches, an apple, potato chips, soda, and a pudding cup. Sometimes the menu varied, but peanut butter and jelly was always the sandwich du jour. It wasn’t as if Sean was especially fond of P&J (he actually started to hate it at one point), but I could never keep a sandwich made with lunchmeat and mayonaise cold enough in his lunchbox. I tried using ice, but it just melted and made a wet, soggy mess of things. I tried used plastic freezer packs my mother had given me, but they didn’t fit well within the lunch box and it was a struggle arranging freezer packs and food like a Tetris puzzle. When all was said and done, it was just a whole lot easier packing P&J than fighting to keep perishable food cold.

My Review. When I was first given the opportunity to write a product review of the PackIt freezable lunch bag, I couldn’t help but remember those early days of my marriage when I packed Sean’s lunch. The PackIt is a patented, freezable bag. No more ice and no more freeze packs — the PackIt is an insulated bag with an integrated, freezable gel-liner. Needless to say I was excited to take a closer look at this innovative product and see how well it worked.

PackIt Freeze N Go Bag 1When the PackIt first arrived I was immediately impressed by how well the bag was made. This was not a cheaply manufactured product. The bag itself was made of rugged material. From the double-stitching of the bag’s seams to the secure velcro fasteners, the PackIt appeared to be very durable and able to withstand the demands of children taking their lunch to school everyday or husbands taking their lunch to the construction site.

Besides being well-made, the PackIt looked great as well. As you can see from the pictures I posted, the bag I received was very colorful and pleasing to the eye. The PackIt is not a boring lunch bag by any means, and comes available in thirty exciting prints to suit just about anyone’s fancy.

Before I received the PackIt, I hadn’t realized that the bag folds up compactly to the size of a large wallet or coupon carrier. This is an outstanding feature — the velcro enclosures keep the bag from expanding, and the smaller footprint allowed for easy overnight freezer storage. Despite the fact that I had recently finished shopping, I had an easy time fitting the PackIt among the frozen veggies, pizzas, chicken, and Popsicles crammed in my freezer. The PackIt surprisingly took up very little space.

Pack It Freezer BagThe next morning, I opened the PackIt and noted that the bag’s entire front, back, and bottom was frozen solid (the three areas containing the integrated gel-liner). This feature alone is far superior to traditional freeze packs where food just sits on top, for the gel-liner allows for the complete cooling of the bag’s contents. Sandwiches and other perishables can be cooled from all sides — like having a portable refrigerator at your disposal.

The PackIt stood up nicely on its own on my kitchen counter and I found it easy to load. To test the bag’s capacity and cooling ability I loaded the interior with cold cans of soda taken from the refrigerator. The PackIt held six cans of soda perfectly and kept the soda cold. The manufacturer indicates that the PackIt will keep food cool for up to 10 hours. Sure enough, when I checked on the soda 10 hours later the cans were still cold.

To summarize, these are the features that I enjoyed most about the PackIt freezable lunch bag:

  • Durable construction
  • Great look
  • Compact size for freezer storage
  • Integrated gel-liner that keeps food cold

PackIt Freeze N GoThe PackIt is extremely affordable and available for purchase on the company’s website for only $19.95. This really is a great product and makes for easy and safe transportation of perishable foods. When you have time, check out the PackIt website and see what they have to offer. Besides the freezable lunch bag reviewed in this article, the company offers a smaller and larger size in addition to a shopping bag and wine bottle cooler (perfect for romantic picnics and getaways). I know you’ll be impressed. If the PackIt was available when I was first married, my Sean wouldn’t have had to suffer through an entire summer of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 🙂

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.

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