Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

Every child is different, they all have different personalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Do you know how you’re going to celebrate your child’s next birthday? You may be apprehensive about throwing a party, because the question always arises, “how am I going to keep all these kids occupied?!” The answer: good, quality entertainment.

You can go a few different routes when planning the party; you can have it themed or casual. Themed parties go along with your child’s favorite movie, hobby, or interests. For example, you could have a Spiderman themed party with favors and possibly a Spiderman costumed character. For the little ladies out there, you could treat her with a princess party. Surprise her with a Cinderella costumed character. Of course your daughter will also need a tiara and a cake fit for a princess.

Now if you really want to do it big and make their special day extra special, there are some great options out there for you. Why not rent some inflatable bounce houses? Or maybe you could host a pony party for your child and all of their friends! No problem here though in trying to keep the kids occupied! One major thing you must consider before hiring a bounce house or pony party company is location. You will need it to be outside and in a large area. Make sure to have a back up plan in case the weather tries to ruin the day.

Other popular options for children’s birthday parties these days are face painters, balloon twisters, and clowns. All of these are fun interactive ways to keep the party goers entertained and preoccupied. Other general party entertainment options are clowns and magicians. Many clowns will also do a magic show or balloon art. Also, magicians are a good route to go if other parents will be there too. Magicians can be entertaining for all ages. This gives you a break from doing the entertaining .

What mom doesn’t want to save time and money when it comes to planning this party? There is a site called Gig Salad ( where moms can go to find all of the above in one location. Gig Salad is an event services directory that allows you to find everything you need for the party from the face painters and balloon twisters to costumed characters and cake decorators. Since there are so many vendors listed, it allows you to shop around and find the best vendor for the best price. The site makes it easy to contact these vendors directly so you can plan a fantastic party!

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