Planning A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is a day for love and romance – and for many couples – it is also a budget buster. If you’re on a budget this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a wonderful, romantic date for your significant other without breaking the bank. Here are some fantastic ideas to help you save money.

1. Get Creative With Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts can be anything from a dozen roses to a diamond ring and if you’re looking for a memorable gift that will leave a big impact, it’s easy to spend a lot of money. But you don’t have to – a little creativity can go a long way. Remember – the cliche is true – it’s the thought that counts. Well not just the thought but also the effort you put into the gift. So get creative this year. Has your spouse been hoping to do some simple home improvements? Surprise her by painting that room she’s been talking about painting.  Do you have a hobby or talent? Make something special – a one of a kind gift made especially for her!

2. Stay In – In Style

Just because you can’t afford to go out, doesn’t mean you need to sit at home in your housecoat all evening. Plan a romantic candlelite dinner for your partner. Send them a formal, handmade invitation earlier in the week and note on the invitation that formal attire is required. Clean the house, dim the lights, set out the best china and make their favorite dish. Then, dress up. Put on your best suit, dress pants or dress. Make sure you have a selection of your favorite songs ready so you can dance the night away.

3. Rethink the Flowers

The costs of roses is at an all time high over the Valentine’s Day season and they only last for a short time. This is another area where creativity can go a long way to saving you money. Do you draw? When I was in high school my boyfriend used to draw me gorgeous pictures of roses when he couldn’t afford to buy me any – I still have those pictures 15 years later! Don’t draw? Try origami – a quick google search will give you tons of options with instructions to create your own origami bouquet that she can cherish for years.  What about wooden roses? A few months ago I found a store in my local mall selling roses made from wood – $6 for a dozen – and they look amazing. If you can’t find them locally, you can probably find them online.  Of course – if you prefer live flowers – then you always have the option of a potted plant rather then cut flowers.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be memorable and romantic. A little effort, a lot of planning and some creativity is all it takes to pull off a budget friendly Valentine’s Day your partner will never forget.

Crystal Unrau writes for The Holiday Diva where she shares ideas and inspiration for planning your next holiday. Visit her there for more ideas for a budget friendly Valentine’s Day.

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