Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory Playset {review}

When I think about toys and playtime activities for my kids, I often am reminded of the toys that I played with as a child. I can remember sitting and playing with Play-Doh for hours. Creating animal figurines, using cookie cutters to make pretend cookies, and molding Play-Doh into castles and other imagined things.

Play-Doh has an array of playsets to help get thee imagination really cranking and creating, all of which I remember loving as a child. Since I always enjoyed creating fun things with Play-Doh, I wanted to give my children the opportunity to have some hand’s on fun with the molding compound. My oldest son always had tubs of Play-Doh around and often would sit at the kitchen table and create animals, people and cars. Even my youngest loves Play-Doh, not to mention he loves to throw it around the house (and giggles as I clean it up). Until recently, we did not own any of those nifty play-sets, so it was just molding from scratch for our Play-Doh play.

I was so excited when Hasbbro sent us a Play-Dog Mega Fun Factory Playset for review. I figured my kids would love it, as all of them enjoy playing with Play-Doh already.

The Play-Dog Mega Fun Factory Playset arrived in a brightly colored box sure to grab attention from anyone. When we removed the playset from the shipping box, my children were very excited to get it tore open and figure out how it worked. The three middle age children (ages 7, 5, and 3) all gathered around the kitchen table as  we removed the pieces from the box. Inside was the MEGA FUN FACTORY conveyor belt  with two gears, playmat and four three-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound.

The conveyor belt does require 2 “C” batteries that are not included!

Getting it set up only took a few minutes, and the kids were ready to crank out some play food! To work the Mega Fun Factory, you simply add the Play-Doh  in one end then turn on the conveyor belt (that works). Once it is turned on, it will begin use the two gear mold to stamp out pretend toys and food. Loading the Play-Doh is very easy to do, even my 3 year old had no problem.

Clea-up is easy, any pieces of Play-Doh that end up on the floor (or on the wall) peel right off. My 3 year old found it funny to throw balls of Play-Doh on the wall a few times. It did not stain my walls at all or my flooring.

I really like that the Playset can hold cans of Play-Doh! So instead of having to store them elsewhere, they (up to 6), can be put into the insets for simple storage. Not to mention, it makes it easy when the kids are ready to play, as everything is right there.

The Play-Doh Fun Factory Playset, seems to be well made. My children have played with it multiple times, and it has held up. Even my 7 year old has enjoyed playing with it. So it is defiantly a toy that can provide lots of fun for children of young ages.

The Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory can be purchased from the Hasbro website for $29.99. It is designed for children 3+.

Disclaimer: I was sent a  Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.
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  1. I used to play with this 40 years ago and now my niece and nephew love it, of course we just had the 4 colours and that was it, Play-Doh has come a long way! The fun factory looks like tons of fun.

    • TheShoppingMom says:

      Hi Doris, Yes I too loved Play-Doh! The Fun Factory really is fun to play with. I am still a big kid inside, so I loveto play with the kids too!

  2. Since I’ve had grandchildren and begun buying Play-Doh, I’ve begun to think it is one of the few “toys” that is probably cheaper now than when I was a child–and everybody still loves to play with it.

  3. Paula Caudill says:

    Play-Doh has been around for years and kids and adults love it! Great Review

  4. Play-Doh is such a classic plaything! They have added a lot to it with the different sets that make it extra fun.

  5. Amanda Biel says:

    This is soooo awesome! My 3 year old is autistic, and has major sensory issues. His therpaists are trying to play with differant textures, playdoh, shaving cream etc. I think this would be an awesome thing for him to use in therapy and have fun! thanks for the review +!

  6. At 51 years old,I remember crafting with Play-Doh as my favorite pastime as a child! Oh how I LOVED PLAY-DOH !!! Now my grandchildren have lots of fun with it as well!

  7. Shannon Thompson says:

    this looks like a fun set. but i have learned the hard way that play doh and my little one dont mix well. until she gets a little bit older … i was picking up pieces of dryed play doh all over it drove me batty.. hehe