Pucker Pretty & Tasty to Blamtastic!

When I heard about Blamtastic, a new lip balm line, I found the name pretty nifty! Blamtastic Lip Balm is the product of two young sisters and their idea of a good lip balm. Lip Balm that is not tested on animals, Paraben free, and made in the USA.

While the line was created for boys and girls…ladies it is for us too! When Blamtastic sent me some samples to try I wanted to try every one right then! The fruity and sweet scents made me think of sweets or candy. Now I am sure anyone who has ever used lip balm knows, that most may smell good in the tube but once they are on, they feel greasy and taste horrible. Blamtastic has solved the problem ladies (and girls)! This lip balm, not only smells amazing but it tastes good too!

I had so many samples, I gave some to everyone in our house and several friends. Everyone and I mean everyone who I gave a tube to asked me where I got it from! My daughters lips look like silk, because for ones they are willing to use a lip balm! Both of my girls have suffered with chapped and dry lips since the weather started changing here and both would only use the regular lip balm when I forced them too. When I gave them the Blamtasic lip balms and let them small them, it was easy to get them excited to use it. They love the smell and do not mind the sweet taste at all (what kid would?).

Now, I will not even lie here, I too have been using the lip balm frequently too. It glides on the lips smoothly, sends a light sweet scent to the nose and tastes so good, you almost want to lick it off just to reapply it! Strawberry Shake is my favorite!

lip balm reviewWhat makes these balms even cooler are the Blamtastic Lip BLAM Sleeves. These sleeves attach to pant loops, notebooks, pocket books and anything else with a loop to keep from loosing the lip balm. The lip balm simply sides right in to secure it in place.

  • Price: $2.99 each balm and sleeve.
  • Appearance: Bold and bright colors with a funky vibe.
  • Texture: Light and not sticky or greasy.
  • Flavor/Smell: Blamtasic is available in many scents and each i was able to sample smelled yummy! They taste like they smell, so be prepared to want to lick those lips!

I would love to see these sold in big retailers, as the line is really great! These make great stocking stuffers or additions to goodie bags!

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  1. thetrendyred says:

    I love the review..I also love the fact that it comes in sleeve with a clip on it cause I’m constantly losing my chap stick! I also have a hard time finding a chap stick that taste great and is not greasy..Your review totally made me go to their website and order some for my family, I can’t wait til it gets here..Thanks Shoppingmom!

  2. kelly tillotson says:

    i love the name! its so cute! im a lip-gloss/balm/stick fanatic! *kelly

  3. Do you have any to giveaway??? I love lib balm, I had one attached to my keys in college. I used to be a big fan of the LipSmacker brand. I’m a little old for that now, can we make Blamtastic ok for adults again?? hah……..

  4. These look great – great price too!! I’m addicted to lip balm – use it morning and night – so I’m always looking for new ones to try!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My 3.5 granddaughter won’t put anything on her lips to “keep them from getting chapped”. Maybe this colorful, tasty lip balm will be more fun!

  6. Tammy Lacer says:

    I love the name of the lip balm and my daughters are addicted to anything they can hang on their back packs!!!