Re-lace, do not replace! {EZstringer Review and Giveaway}

Last week, I had the pleasure of reviewing a new product -the EZstringer.

If any of my clothes ever get drawstring-less, I personally try to salvage them first before throwing them away. I am sure many moms do the same, especially since the recession is hitting all of us pretty hard.

I usually use a large safety pin. But the time it usually takes to restring my favorite garments sometimes makes this procedure seem worthless! The EZstringer was invented to stop all of the frustration and hours of time trying to restring drawstrings on clothing.

The EZstringer came with EZStringer tools in 3 different sizes to accommodate the items being restrung (which is great, because you never know what size of drawstring you’ll need!):

  • 1 Large for bulky clothes (Yellow),
  • 1 Small for delicate items (Pink)
  • 1 Medium for everything in between (Orange)
So I put the EZstringer to the test- I decided to restring my lounge skirt.

The whole re-stringing procedure consisted in 3 easy steps illustrated here:

1. I took one end of the drawstring, fed it into the “grabscoop” of the EZstringer.









2. Guided its leading edge through the skirt.









3. As I was pulling the EZstringer out, in went the drawstring! Yes, it was that simple!









I re-strung my lounge skirt in about 7 minutes and I can now I can say it is definitely a must-have gadget!









I’ve got great news! EZStringer is offering 3 of my readers a chance to win an EZStringer set! Each set comes with 3 “threaders” and 4 free drawstrings.

Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Giveaway terms and conditions are listed at the bottom of the form. Good luck!

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