Redecorating Your Teen’s Room

Whether you have a teenage boy or girl, the need to redecorate his or her room is inevitable. No teenager wants that baby trim wallpaper or old toys still in their room when friends come over. There comes a point when your teen will ask to redecorate his or her room. Let your teen’s creative side show and allow them to decorate the way they want, with reason.

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Make sure what your teen wants will last a while. Girls definitely tend to change their minds frequently; so let the ideas settle and see if it is still the same in a week. Every year your teen will find a new interest. Make sure that the room won’t get old after only a year or two. Focus on colors rather than a certain activity for a theme, that way the room will stay current with your teen’s interests.

Pillows are a Great Idea

Once the new room is done, then the friends come. With friends come sleepovers. Buy a few extra throw pillows that will be easy to use for other activities. They’re decorative and useful. They can be used for the traditional pillow fight, sitting on the ground, and as an extra incase a friend forgets one when staying over. They’ll also add some design to the room. You can’t go wrong with a few extra pillows.

Storage. Storage. Storage.

As your teen gets older, their wardrobe gets larger. Make sure to add in the storage when first redecorating the room so that there is a place for new clothes and accessories to be put. Add under-the-bed storage. This can then be used when your teen goes off to college as well. Get hangers that can be stacked to save room in closets and bins to organize sports equipment and games. Everything should have its place and extra room for new things that are bound to be bought.

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Your teen girl will be very involved in designing her new room. Everything needs to be her idea and just the right thing that she and all of her friends will like as well. Your teen boy will want to throw out all of his childish things and be done with it. This will give you the freedom to redo his room. Make sure it is sensible, but also to his liking. Some boys are picky but don’t want to seem it. Involve your son in the redecorating process so that he enjoys the outcome of his new room.

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