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Guidecraft is a 46 year old company that specializes in educational toys and furnishings. Guidecraft products allow children’s imaginations to grow, via education toys and fun whimiscal painted designs.

My children own several products from Guidecraft, including the Pirate Table & Chairs, Kiddy Rockers, Princess Deluxe Rocking Chair, and Doll Buggy. Every Guidecraft product my children have are used often, especially the Rockers.

When Guidecraft asked me review an item from the doll furniture collection, I was really excited! My youngest daughter loves her dolls and did not own a buggy, so I knew she would enjoy playing with it. We decided to pick the Espresso finish doll buggy, just because it matched her room decor better than the natural finish. The doll buggy is designed for children 3+.

It arrived in a large box within a mailing box. The box the buggy was packaged in, was pink & brown and showed a  young girl using the buggy with photos of the buggy in different angles.

doll stroller review

Inside the box were easy to follow instructions, the buggy wheels & rubber tires, buggy bedding (to keep baby comfy) and smooth Espresso finished wood slabs used to form the buggy and handle.

The instructions are well written and easy to follow. My husband and I were able to put the entire doll buggy together in about 15 minutes. Even without his help, I would have been able to put it together. It was a breeze!

guidecraft reviewOnce it was together, you could tell it was going to  be a pretty sturdy toy. The wood was nice and solid and not flimsy at all. When the buggy was completely assembled it was sturdy and did not wobble at all. We tested it on the different flooring in our home and it glided across the tile, carpet and bamboo flooring with ease.

Before it was even put together my daughter waited patiently to take it for a spin, so when she was able to get her hands on it, she  was off! She was really excited to have a new toy for her doll’s, since we did not have any doll furniture of any sort.

For the last several weeks my little one has played with the doll buggy and has enjoyed it very much. The doll bed in the buggy is pretty big and will hold large dolls or several dolls. The handle has remained sturdy and the buggy too. The only issue I have noticed is the tires coming off track when the weight in the buggy is to heavy. A few times my daughter put several dolls in the buggy and when she pushed it across the carpet, the tires slid off. Now, it’s an easy fix, just pop it back on.

I think this is yet another great product made by Guidecraft! The only thing I would like to see changed are the tires somehow being attached to the wheels to prevent them from sliding off.

This doll buggy retails for $70. I know it may sound steep for a doll stroller or toy, but it is a quality toy that will last! It’s well worth the purchase when you consider it’s made from sturdy materials that will hold up over time.

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  • You can view the Guidecraft Espresso Doll Buggy Here
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  1. I just love the look of the doll buggy…looks like something that could be handed down and that would just last forever. Putting this on my Christmas idea list for my 3 1/2 year old!

  2. This looks like a really nice buggy. I am sure my 4 year old would love it. I am a little worried about the wheels that kept popping of because I know she would want to put all her dolls in it too.

  3. I have never heard of Guidecraft before, but as a mother of three little girls, I can say that I am going to be looking at their products! What I love the most about this is that it is natural, well-made and sturdy, and looks like it would be a treasured item for my girls, and even my future grandchildren! There just aren’t very many well-crafted children’s toys anymore–what a wonderful company! ~Melissa http://www.squeakycleanreads.com

  4. My girls love little strollers and this looks fabulous compared to the plastic ones that fall instantly apart! Great review!

  5. I love a well-made product that is easy to put together! My 2-year old is completely obsessed with everything babies, she would just love this! 🙂

  6. My daughter doesn’t have a baby buggy yet either and this is so much nicer than the plastic ones! I haven’t tried any guide craft products yet… Maybe we’ll look into this for Christmas!

  7. My daughter would love this! She loves to push her dolls around the house and outside, but the cheap plastic doll strollers we have bought do not hold up well. We have already had to buy 3 of them, and my daughter is only 3 years old. This looks like a quality product that can be passed down to my other children.

  8. My 2 year old daughter loves playing with her baby dolls and this looks like a great product to add to her playroom. Thank you for taking the time to review this product.

  9. Chelsei Ryan says:

    My little girl would love this buggy. She loves her babies. I had been looking at purchasing her one for Christmas. After reading your review I think this one from Guidecraft would be a great gift.

  10. This is the best looking doll buggy I’ve ever seen! I mostly see the cheap plastic ones! This one is so nice!

  11. I like that it’s made of wood. Much better than the flimsy plastic ones

  12. Kim arnold says:

    Your review great and very helpful, think id like to invest in guidecraft products!!

  13. I’m not handy at all so I like that it’s easy to put together, good instructions are the key! 15 minutes is a great amount of time for assembly. So cute too!

  14. Thanks for the review! We’ve been looking at doll buggies for my daughter for Christmas and this certainly is one of the nicer looking ones. That’s too bad about the wheels…The handle doesn’t look very high though so I wonder how long a little girl would be able to use it…..

  15. it is nice to see its not hard to put together and you can really tell it isn’t a flimsy buggy! love it! the espresso color is really classic. hancoci_s at msn dot com

  16. Rachel Manley says:

    I love how this buggy is made of real wood, and is solid. It looks so much more substantial than any other doll stroller I’ve seen.

  17. This is really cute. I love that it is made of wood and totally looks like something my daughter could pass down to her daughter some day.

  18. What a great review, I love seeing the pictures of the “in progress” stages. It looks and sounds like an excellent and very well built toy! I also love the guidecraft topsy turtle!!!

  19. Corina Young says:

    so adorable and very well made!

  20. Meagan Paullin says:

    I am a big fan of Guidecraft toys. I got so tired of purchasing cheaply made toys for my nephews at Toys R Us… The kind of thing that is played with a few times, then something breaks, and it’s tossed aside. I plan on buying A LOT of toys and furniture for my daughter from Guidecraft, because I feel that it is better to invest in a few quality pieces for her instead of filling her room with tons of cheap-o toys. This doll buggy is simply adorable, and would look great in her room! Thanks for sharing such a great product with us!! 🙂

  21. Very pretty. I love the color of the wood stain. I’m glad your daughter is enjoying it!

  22. Michelle Tucker says:

    I really enjoyed your review of the doll buggy. My favorite part is not only the quality of the product, but it took so little time to put it together. I’m bad at putting things together so that’s a huge plus. This seems like a very nice buggy that any little girl would be happy to have. Of course, my foster daughter said it’d be great to put her cats in. Hopefully it’ll hold a 17 lb cat;).

  23. This sounds great. I would love one for my granddaughter.

  24. This looks like a toy that would be something you could hand down. I love the look of the all-wood stuff — it’s much more classy than the cheap, pink plastic stuff. I really wish that more toy manufacturers would go back to using sturdier stuff, like wood. I enjoyed your review, and I think this is something I would purchase from Guidecraft. The problem with the wheels doesn’t seem like a big deal considering the price, you would just have to remember to tell the child that was playing with it not to overload it.

  25. I love when products come with easy to read and put together instructions. My girls would be all over this buggy as well. They’ve been playing with their dolls a lot more lately.


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