Simple Wall Decorating with Right on the Walls {review}

I love to decorate my home and change my decor often. Recently I ordered new living room furniture and needed new wall decor to match. The problem was finding things I like that matched my new furniture and other home decor. I found lots of pictures I really liked they just did not match! I began looking for home decor that could be personalized or modified to match my current color scheme.

After finding most of the decor I wanted, I had an area by my backdoor that was bare. Just plain wall and it was driving me nuts every time I looked at it. The area is pretty small, so nothing big would fit. I needed something that would look good with my scheme that was small. I came across Right On The Walls, a vinyl wall art company.

I knew when I found their website, I would be able to customize a wall decal perfect for that small space in my living-room. Right On The Walls has 1000’s of different wall decals and words that can be customized to your size and even colors. Because every space is unique each order is designed to your exact specifications. If after looking over the designs on their website, they will help custom design a wall decal just for you!

When Right On The Walls offered me the opportunity to review one of their awesome decals I was really excited to try them out. I have saw wall decals in homes and online but never used one myself.

Busy Branch Wall Decal with 2 birds

I decided to get an already made decal, the Busy Branch with 2 birds. While the image online showed it behind a bed in the headboard area,  I was really hoping I could hang it sideways on my wall. The area I had to work with was small and  really liked that design.

After my decal was ordered, it arrived in just a few days! I LOVE fast shipping and it was here fast! In my order was the flora branch, 2 birds and an application too. Since I had never applied a wall decal before I read the instructions included. It seemed simple and I was excited to get it up before the hubby got home.

The directions recommend cleaning the area where the decal was going to be placed so I wiped the wall down and dried it with a towel. Then I started playing around with placement. The branch bottom had a slight curve on it and I wanted it to look like it was coming out of the corner, so I decided to cut the branch base at an angel so I could apply it sideways.

When I decided exactly where I wanted the decal to go, I removed the protective paper and took my time placing it on the wall. When I was happy with the placement I rubbed it flat to make sure it would rub onto the wall evenly with no bubbles.

I used the application tool (that came with it) to apply the decal to the wall surface. I started rubbing the decal

Decal With Black Branch and Burgundy Birds

onto the wall at the top and worked my way down with the tool. As I rubbed the tool on the paper I could tell it looked like it was sticking well to the wall. I made sure to pay close attention to the leaves on the branch to make sure they were stuck well to my wall. I did not want them to tear or move when I removed the protective film from the decal.

When I started to remove the film, I peeled it very slowing starting at the top corner. It removed well for me until I got about mid way and I noticed a few places were peeling with the paper. I grabbed the application tool and began rubbing in different directions for a few seconds and then began trying to pull the film off again. That time everything stuck to the wall. There were a few leaves that wanted to peel off with the film, so I used the tool to rub them down a bit more and it peeled right off.

When the branch was attached to the wall I started to determine where to put the two birds. They were a breeze to apply as they are small. I was really glad they were not attached to the decal so I was able to move them where I thought they looked the best.

Overall, the wall decal was very easy to install to the wall and I love how it looks! It fits the area I wanted it in perfectly!

The Decal Applied To My Living Room Wall

It took me about 18 minutes to hang my wall decal and I did not have to damage my walls! One thing I love about decorating with wall decals is the ability to remove the decal with ease. They simply peel off the wall when your ready to take it down. They also do not require and glue, nail holes or drilling, so when it is removed your wall is unharmed.

I am very happy with my decal and love how it looks on the wall! It was easy to apply and looks great. I love the selection of vinyl wall art available and love Right On The Walls can create a custom wall decal if I want.

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Disclosure: I was provided with a wall decal for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.
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  1. That’s a great idea for a different look.

  2. Thank you for the review I’ve been thinking about trying these and now I look forward to trying them myself.

  3. I used to sell vinyl product and I can tell you that it is so easy to apply! It makes such a big statement too!

  4. Shannon Thompson says:

    i think these are great looks easy to use and add that something special. thanks for sharing.

  5. Erin Cook says:

    I love the look of it

  6. nicolerenae says:

    I have one wall decal in my home and I get a lot of compliments on it. I love all the variety there is to choose from, there is something for everyone!

  7. Kathleen Kelly says:

    I have a question before I try these—all of my walls have an “orange peel” texture on them. Will wall decals adhere to a surface like this??