Rock Out With The Plan Toys Musical Band

The Musical Band from Plan Toys is perfect for the inspiring musician! The modern design musical band comes with realistic functions to kick the imagination of preschoolers into full swing! This toy is made from recycled rubber wood and uses water based dyes, making it not only fun but also a green toy.

Besides enjoying this wonderful musical instrument, it also helps stimulate hand-eye coordination and helps kids practice concentration skills.

Designed for preschoolers 3+. $49.50 at BabyEarth

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  1. Why didn’t they have stuff like this when I was growing up? We had to drum on old coffee cans… LOL I have a friend who has two boys. When I go to his house,I try to bring the loudest toys I can find. Drives him and his wife crazy. The kids love me. Then I get to go home… LOLOL

  2. I never had these as a child. Children of today have so many great toys. It makes me want to play with them too. haha