Safety Initiatives for Gas Fire Place

There are many beautifully designed gas fireplaces available nowadays to bring warmth and visual appeal to your home, however, there are risks that need to be kept top of mind when it comes to using gas fireplaces. Consider the following safety initiatives in your home to ensure the complete safety of you, your children, visitors and even your pets.

Screens Help Prevent Burns 
With glass fronts being common on gas fireplaces there is a very high risk of burns from touching the glass if the fireplace is in operation, or indeed simply not completely cooled off from its last use. The glass can become exceptionally hot and can stay that way for quite some time even after the appliance has been turned off. Even the decorative panels that surround your fireplace could heat up to a point that they too pose as a possible burn risk. Indeed, there have been many unfortunate incidences of children receiving burns from inadvertently touching hot gas fireplaces.

Besides the ultimate safety measure of supervising those at risk of burns around gas fireplaces, another way to prevent burns is to install some sort of barrier or screen on the front of the fixture. These barriers will avoid direct contact with the hot components and subsequently reduce the risk of severe burns. Many screen options are available such as ones that clip on to the front of the fireplace or those that stand freely and act as a type of gate. It’s very important that whatever screen you choose that it is compatible with your specific gas fireplace so as not to cause faults of operation or other safety concerns. Check with your manufacturer on the best screen for your specific appliance.

Limit Access to Reduce Risks
It goes without saying that children, pets and the elderly should be supervised around gas fireplaces that are hot to avoid accidental burns. As well as preventing burns there is also a need to prevent the appliance being operated by anyone who is not fully able. For appliances that comprise of remote control operation, it’s imperative to everyone’s safety that the remote control device is kept out of reach of those who should not be operating the gas fire. Consider fitting childproof locks to the switches on the appliance directly to prevent accidental operation from busy little fingers that simply love to turn dials and push buttons.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector
Whether it be a faulty appliance, a slow leaking pipe or some other cause, carbon monoxide can find its way into your home to high levels that can be lethal to anyone who is inside. By installing a carbon monoxide detector you will be alerted to the danger and be able to take action to prevent a catastrophe. Some of the warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are feeling nauseous and lethargic and experiencing headaches to name a few. Do not delay in seeking help should you suspect a problem.

Always keep your gas fireplace well maintained and take note of anything out of the ordinary such as unfamiliar smells or flames that appear unusual. It’s important that fans and pathways that air is designed to circulate around are kept clear of obstructions and kept clean. Should your detector activate, you should leave the house immediately and call for help from your local fire and gas authority who will ensure the situation is handled as safe as possible. Also, all members of the house should seek medical treatment immediately.

Finally, although you can put in place many safety measures to prevent accidents in your home, remember to always educate your family and friends about the risks of your hot appliances. Inform people that the glass on the fireplace is very hot as is the surround, and to keep away from the switches and any type of screen you have in position. It’s better to be overly cautious than to have a serious burn result because of complacency. With safety measures in place and plenty of supervision everyone can comfortably enjoy the warmth your gas fireplace brings to your home.

Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Supplies, the on-line shop for Gas Fireplaces. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u.

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