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Sand Gone Sand RemoverLast month I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my parents in sunny Florida. Mom and Dad are stereotypical snowbirds, escaping the frigid midwest every January, and not returning home again until it starts to warm up in April. They have a small bungalow outside of Orlando in a quiet 55+ retirement community, and even though it’s a bit cramped, my husband, kids and I had a place to stay while we visited Disney World and hit the beaches.

And speaking of beaches, what can I say? They’re amazing! Especially for a girl from Wisconsin. I traded cold white snow for expanses of warm white sand. We spent a day at Clearwater Beach, and I thought I was in paradise. The sand was like fine sugar and seemed to stretch forever…

I soon learned that the sand not only stretched forever, it stuck forever as well. As beautiful as the white crystal was, it clung to us everywhere. When we walked back to the parking lot I spent a good 15 minutes brushing arms and legs, but the sand still stuck to our skin and we ended up tracking a bunch of it into the rental car and felt scratchy the entire trip back to my parents’ house.

My Review. Shortly after returning home from our vacation, I was given the opportunity to review an intriguing product called Sand Gone — a dry powder made from all natural ingredients that when applied to sandy parts of your body removes the sand. Based on my recent experience at the beach, I was super excited to try this product out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go back to Florida, but the good people at Sand Gone sent me a packet of sand so I could test the product for myself.

As you can see from the above picture, Sand Gone comes packaged in a stylish container with a screw top lid — perfect for tossing in your  beach bag. The container is made from heavy-weight plastic and the lid screws down tight, so there’s no risk of breakage or spilling the powder during transport.

As impressed as I was with the product packaging, it was the smell of the Sand Gone powder that really grabbed my attention — a sweet fragrance of coconut that immediately evoked the essence of the beach. The smell wasn’t artificial in any way with the chemical undertones of suntan lotion, but rather was a light, natural fragrance that reminded me of fresh baked coconut cream pie (and I love coconut cream pie!).

Sand Gone Powder Puff ApplicatorTo test the product, I moistened my arm with a damp washcloth then sprinkled my skin with sand. I felt gritty — just like at the beach. Experimentally I tried wiping the sand away with my fingers, but I was still a mess and the sand stuck in place. Would Sand Gone really work as well as promised? I opened the jar (enjoying the fantastic smell of coconut) and dabbed the powder puff applicator into the Sand Gone. The puff applicator was super soft and I noted that the Sand Gone powder had a pleasant, silky feel to it. With one gentle swipe the sand brushed away from my arm, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. Unbelievable! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use the product or how well it worked. My skin wasn’t scratched in the slightest. Impressed, I tested the Sand Gone a second time with the same amazing results. When applied to my skin, the Sand Gone powder gently wiped the sand away.

Sand Gone is definitely a product I whole-heartedly recommend. Not only does the product work as promised, it smells great and is made from all natural, non-toxic and non-talc ingredients. It’s a product I feel safe using on myself and my children, and when I return to the sunny beaches of Florida, Sand Gone is coming with!

If you’re interested in purchasing a jar of Sand Gone, an 8 ounce jar only costs $12.95 + shipping. This truly is an innovative product and recently won Surf Expo’s Resort and Souvenir “Best in Show Award.” Once you try it for yourself I know you’re going to love it.

Giveaway: The good people at Sand Gone are sponsoring a giveaway! One lucky reader of The Shopping Mom is going to win a jar of Sand Gone free of charge!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.


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  1. Diane Cooper says:

    My favorite beach in the whole world is Captiva near Naples,FL.

  2. The RI beaches!