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The reality is that coupon clipping really isn’t the sexiest of topics. It’s a chore and most of us just opt to pay full price rather than take the time to clip and organize our coupons. We see the story about that woman who bought $300 worth of groceries for a fraction of the price because she maximized her savings through combining coupons with in-store specials and wonder, who has time to keep track of all of the sales? I’d rather complain about how times are tough and I just can’t afford everything I want or “need” right now, right?

Wrong (you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?). Modern technology to the rescue in the form of is kind of a like a personal assistant whose only job is to save its members money on their grocery bill. Members learn how to maximize their budget and reduce the time and effort spent on finding savings and shopping. With printable shopping lists and a frustration free coupon filing system, they make it easy to save money! even helps members with their budgeting by monitoring savings so they can see how much they’ve saved each week, month or year.

Coupon clipping may not be a sexy topic, but the $2.8 million dollars in savings that members are on track to save this year sure is! Their services are available in 43 states and the cost to join is $10 – 15 per month. is even offering the first month for only $4! With average savings of between 50 – 80% off of their members’ grocery bills, joining is just a no brainer!

Another really nice feature for members is their member forum where you can learn about some sweet deals from other members. For instance, last year, one member let everyone know that Old Navy was offering costumes right after Halloween for just $1, $1! members went in and snapped up their children’s costumes for the next couple of years at that price.

They also have a blog at that features freebies available through a variety of websites – recent posts have included information on how to get free coffee, free entrance to Knott’s Berry Farm and free movie rentals. They even post off the wall kinds of things, like how you can get your name included on a microchip that NASA will launch into space next year. And it’s always fun to go there to check out the savings that other members scored – last week one member scored over $170 in groceries for a little over $12!

We all need to save money these days and I don’t know anyone whose schedule is anything but stretched to the limit. offers a truly simple system for members to save both time and money – two commodities we could all use more of!

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  1. At $4 for the first month, it sounds like this would be worth checking out.