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Breakfast - Day 353Dining out is perhaps one of those things that we can hope we can do regularly without breaking the budget. There are heaps of restaurants out there just waiting for us to explore. And it is indeed human nature to want to try something new, may it be a different cuisine or an exotic dish. But how can we satisfy this appetite for dining out and at the same time still keep some spare money in our pockets?

Of course when you know you just cannot afford to, then don’t even dare to step out at meal times. Be responsible and make your own meals and that will keep more money in your wallet. Keep in mind that the reason restaurant food or even take aways are expensive is because you are paying for the ingredients, the preparation, the cooking, the plating, and the service provided to you by the wait staff.

Here are a few handy tips on how to minimize the cost of eating outside the home.

1. Clip Those Coupons

You may find a special on the advertisement pages in the papers on that one place you have been longing to eat at. Take time to browse and clip grocery coupons that you think you can use in the next few weeks. There has also been a transformation on how coupons work out nowadays.

Group buying is a popular trend nowadays and it won’t hurt to sign up for the daily deals. You may just find an interesting deal at a notable restaurant offering huge discounts so that translate to savings to your foodie self. So have a check online first for recent deals available before you call for a booking. And while at your favorite restaurant, ask for rewards or frequency customer cards that may be available to a loyal customer as you.

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2. Give up the Drinks

Don’t you notice how expensive a bottle of wine is whenever you dine out? The high margin has a business logic of course. As customers who buy wine often stay longer thus reducing the prospect for a diner to turn the table over a new set of customers. So perhaps you can decide beforehand to have your drinks or nightcap at home or somewhere else instead to save a few bucks.

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3. Skip and Split

Unless you have not been eating the whole day and can afford to wait for the main course, then just opt not to order any appetizers. Like wine and alcoholic drinks, appetizers and desserts indicates that a table is in no rush to eat nor to leave thus the high mark up. Most restaurant offer bread sticks or garlic bread on the table good enough for the wait time, so munch on these instead. Or you can ask your dinner mates to split the appetizers with you to save and still be able to enjoy the taste whilst avoiding a few calories due to your smaller share.

Besides, some serving of appetizers can make you feel full right away rendering you unable to finish your main meal. And that’s just a waste of money especially if taking leftovers home with you is not allowed. The same goes for dessert which you skip or split.

4. Join Food Festivals

Perhaps an affordable way to savor the taste and flavors of different kinds of food is to attend food festivals. These are often held in a few days with stalls offering various dishes at smaller portions aimed for those who just want to have a go in trying out.

They often come cheaper too so you are sure you can stretch your money’s worth and still come home with a full tummy. Food festivals are excellent way to learn more about a culture and gather information on ways to cook delectable dishes at your own kitchen.

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What are your foodie secrets? Please share them in the comments!

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  1. Donna L. Johnson says:

    All but #4 are part of my regular foodie routine. I’ll be on the lookout for a food festival coming to a town near me!