Saving Your Baby’s Precious Memories

If you are a mother you will know what I mean when I say that our babies grow up way too fast. The first year especially, goes by before you even know it. It seems as though that little bitty baby you gave birth to changes so fast that you hardly have time to notice one change before another one takes place.  As a mother you also know that each of these memories are precious and you want to hold onto them as long as you can, long after those babies are grown and have babies of their own.

We all have our ways of saving our babies precious memories. In fact, I think I did everything I could to save just about everything my children did. I have videos, scrapbooks and even bronzed baby booties. I even kept a journal recording most of the cute things that my kids said and did. In my case, these memories were all the more important because my children were all adopted and didn’t all come as newborns. I can still tell you the first time, my first adopted child said the word momma and how it made me feel. And how it felt to hold that little boy in my arms for the first time.

I have pictures from the first time I looked into each of my children’s beautiful faces through their graduation of high school and beyond. Sometimes now it is difficult to look at them as adults and still see the tiny boy or girl that I held and sang to. But, I can remember, because of the memories I kept. Here are a few ways I recorded those memories.

A Scrapbook For Each Child

I made each of my children their own scrapbook which they will get once I am gone. These scrapbooks not only hold hundreds of pictures but, thoughts about them as they grew, cute things they said like my one said, he never told me he wanted to hold my hand but, instead he would say “Momma, let me carry your hand.” Of course I recorded the first words they said. Who would have thought a ten month old’s first word would have been “uh oh!” which was actually the only thing he said until he was almost 14 months old.

The scrapbooks also contain a lock of their hair, and even their first attempt at coloring and drawing. So okay, a couple of these scrapbooks are thicker than a New York phone book, but, every memory inside of them is precious.


Although it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, no words or pictures can describe the first steps your child takes or the first time they start crawling so for those moments I have videos. While I was excited by their first steps at the time, I now look at those videos and feel tears come to my eyes because I know that those precious times are now gone forever and all I have is a video to relive those important first steps in my children’s lives.

These Memories Are Not Just Precious To Me

Now that my children have grown I have discovered that these memories are not just precious to me, but, to my children as well. Hardly a visits goes by that they don’t get out the scrapbooks or pull down one of videos of our vacations and sit and watch it. It is then that ‘remember whens’ begin and they recall moments of sadness and laughter that we shared with each other.

I honestly think it is these memories that have kept us close as a family. It reminds each of us that no matter what happens in our lives, that we are here for one another and that the love that we have shared for more than two decades continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

So, whatever you do record those precious memories of your babies. They all grow up so fast and change so much that soon memories may be all you have left to pass on to your children. But, those memories can fill your heart and keep you going even through the toughest times. They serve as a reminder each and every day of the blessings and joy our children bring to our lives.

Joyce Brister is a loving parent and blogger for the My Baby Blog.  Joyce loves writing about situations that parents are often faced with.  She would like for you to take a look at her Baby Bedding or her Florida State Bar Stools.
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