Fall Trend – The Infinity Scarf

I absolutely love wearing scarfs. This time of year I’m always so excited to start throwing on a scarf over just about any type of shirt.

I’m just now becoming familiar with the infinity scarf. It’s actually a perfect accessory for me because I’m one of those girls who isn’t real creative when it comes to tying a scarf. I usually just put it behind my neck and let the two ends hang down. The infinity scarf has no loose ends. It’s one big round scarf. Or it could be a small round scarf. Either way, it’s not going anywhere because it’s like wearing a big, furry necklace.

I love, love this infinity scarf by Karen Kane. It’s the perfect length for me and I adore the neutral colors in this particular one.

Karen Kane Faux Fur Infinite Scarf – $49.00

And being that I’m challenged in the area of scarf-tying, I don’t have to think too much about how to wear this one.

But don’t think you can’t be creative when wearing an infinity scarf. If you have one long enough, you can wear it a few different ways to change up the look and style. Check out this video that illustrates the various ways to wear this accessory. I found this on a fabulous site called TieMyScarf.com. Believe me, I need this site.

Source: TieMyScarf.com

Another trend that seems to be popular this fall are neck warmers. Kind of like scarfs, but shorter to “hug” the neck. This accessory is perfect for the cold, snowy days we sometimes get here in Denver.

 Michael Kors Faux Mink Neck Warmer $59.50

This is another safe accessory for me, as I don’ t have to tie it in some fancy, creative way.

Perhaps I’m just lazy. But I can’t think too hard about my accessories. I’m too busy trying to find matching socks for my three-year-old before he heads out the door!

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