Seven Easy Ways to Add Magic to Your Halloween

If you have been using the same tired scarecrow for years and handing out boxes of raisins – you could be in a Halloween rut. If you are lost in a sea of Halloweens gone by, add a little magic to the witching hour this year with our seven fun ways to put a spell on your Hallows Eve . . .

Magic Jellybeans

The first two ideas are for Halloween treats. For this one, add some charm to your Halloween candy bags with “magic jellybeans”. Simply fill a sandwich bag or a little vial with jelly beans then print out this little ditty to make them magical:

Eating these before dinner may cause you to grow wings, a horn, a third arm or turn into a warty toad.”

Since most parents are suspicious of “home made” treats, reserve these for friend’s and neighbor’s kids.

Ghost Pops

With money scarce this Halloween, here’s a neat novelty for your child to hand out at school: turn a simple sucker into a ghost with nothing but a marker, string or twist ties and Kleenex. To make these ghastly treats simply place the top of the wrapped sucker into the middle of an unfolded Kleenex. Then gather it where the stick meets the sucker and tie off with an orange ribbon. Draw on a face to complete your ghost.

Idol Hands

Add some pizazz to your punch bowl by filling clean rubber gloves with water, tying them off like you would a balloon and freeze. After you peel away the glove you will have perfect idol hands for your punch bowl! For added fun add a few drops of food coloring prior to setting.

Scary Movie Marathon

While it may seem pretty obvious, a fun spin on scary movie night can make it fun for the whole family. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great one to watch with kids, along with Hocus Pocus which is creepy without being overtly inappropriate – though we wouldn’t recommend it to little ones under seven. Then, instead of serving ordinary popcorn, make some Halloween popcorn treats such as orange popcorn pumpkins!

Monstrous Music

As with any party, music can make the party sing. Try some of these classic favorites at your ghouls night out like “The Monster Mash”, “Thriller”, “I Put a Spell on You” and “Witchcraft” to add instant magic to any event. For added fun try a fog machine (they are now available for around $20), or a bubble machines for little ones, to mimic the bubbling of a caldron! Building a “caldron” around the machine makes the effect extra magical and fun. You can do this with scissors and poster board or by painting a large bowl black. You can also buy a cauldron prop at a party store.

Unexpected Touches

The front entrance room of your home is a great place to add Halloween flare. Start by lying around old antique books, “potion vials” made from glass bottles and various ingredients (try almond slivers for “werewolf fingernails”) and an old straw broom. Finish your Witch’s Lair by hanging a witch’s hat by the door and adding a fun hand painted sign that says “Come . . . sit a spell.”

Playful Cabbage Patch

An inexpensive way to add a little fun to your trick or treat walkway is with veggies and gourds. Heads of cabbage set out on Halloween night (no sooner or they will spoil) look interestingly whimsical with those pumpkin kit eyes, noses and mouths you can buy at the store. Add arms with sticks or even legs and drive them into the ground. Lastly, put up a fun hand painted sign that says “LIVE produce – 5 cents”.

We hope you will make your Halloween a magical one. For more great ideas and mystical ways to charm your little ones or guests check out these other bewitching articles.

Written by guest blogger Chris Molnar. Chris is finishing a book called Party Halloween, which features invitation templates, Halloween party ideas, costumes, recipes and fog machine techniques. He will soon be decorating his house with bats, broomsticks, spiders and ravens – coincidentally, during the Halloween season!
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