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Sibu-Facial-Cream-1With the amount of snow on the ground it’s hard to believe, but Spring is coming soon. I for one can’t wait. Besides the cold and ice, the thing that bothers me most about the winter months is the dry air. Running the furnace day and night just makes matters worse, sapping what little moisture remains in the house. For me, there’s no escaping the damaging effects that dry, winter air has on my skin. It’s horrible! Without fail, the skin on my face dries and flakes. Sure, I take whatever preventative measures I can each winter. I drink plenty of fluids, run a vaporizer, and slather on lotion and creams. It’s a real fight to keep my skin moisturized and healthy.

My Review. Having suffered through another winter, I was thrilled when given the opportunity to review Sibu Beauty’s Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream. I have several creams and lotions in my beauty collection, and I’m honestly not happy with most. Either the creams are too greasy and seem to float atop my skin, or they have artificial ingredients and harsh fragrances that cause itching and irritation after use. Sibu Beauty products are 100% all natural and contain sea buckthorn berries, a naturally sustainable resource that grows wild in the high altitudes of Tibet. The berries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants as well as Omega fatty acids. In addition to Omega’s 3, 6, and 9 found in other creams, sea buckthorn berries provide an abundance of Omega 7 — an often elusive fatty acid. All four of these are critical in providing cellular support for healthy skin, hair and nails.

According to the manufacturer, these are some of the important benefits of Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream:

  • Promotes tissue recovery and healing
  • Rejuvenates sun-damaged skin
  • Helps restore blemished skin to its natural beautiful state
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients
  • Works with all skin types

Needless to say, I was excited to try out their facial cream and see how it stacked up against other products in my collection.

Sibu-Facial-Cream-3When my sample of Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream first arrived I was immediately impressed with how well the product was packaged. I’m a big fan of outstanding product design, and as you can see from the pictures, the Sibu Facial Cream looks great. From the eye-catching logo and minimalist design of the packaging to the rich, golden color of the cream itself, the Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream gave an overall appearance of a practical, yet upscale product that would look stunning in any beauty collection. I especially liked how the cream came in a heavy-weight glass lotion pump with a secure cap — a very nice design feature. I couldn’t help envisioning how easy it would be to toss the product in my purse or overnight bag when going out of town. The Sibu Facial Cream would definitely travel well.

When I first applied the Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream to my face, I noted that the product had a light, natural scent that reminded me of citrus. The smell was quite pleasant and didn’t have any chemical or artificial undertones. The cream was non-greasy and blended well into my skin. A little of the product really went a long way — I only used a small amount of the cream (about the size of a dime) and I was able to cover my entire face. The Sibu Facial Cream felt refreshing and immediately my dry skin felt moisturized. I was especially pleased that this all natural product caused no irritation whatsoever and wasn’t harsh in any way (something that can’t be said with other facial creams that I’ve tried). Not only is the Sibu Facial Cream a 100% all natural product, it is paraben-free and cruelty-free as well. I really felt good using the cream on my skin.

I’ve always gone out of my way to support good companies, and before this review ends I think it bears mentioning that Sibu Beauty has an outstanding reputation for not only creating 100% all natural products, but for being an environmentally and socially responsible company as well. Sibu Beauty is well known for promoting fair trade practices with the Tibet villagers who harvest and process the sea buckthorn berries used in their products. In our age of big corporations, it’s refreshing to find responsible companies that promote good wages and healthy and safe working conditions for their workers — a cause I wholeheartedly support.

Giveaway: If you’re interested in learning more about Sibu Beauty and the many unique products they create, I encourage you to browse the website. The Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream is available for purchase for $20.95 on the site. Also, I’m excited to report that the good people at Sibu Beauty are giving away a complimentary bottle free of charge to one lucky reader of The Shopping Mom!


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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.

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