Simple Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

Simple Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

Busy moms often have difficulty fitting exercise into their schedules, but swimming pools provide a convenient, at-home way to work exercise into the daily routine. Water-based exercise is an excellent way to build up the stamina, energy and good health needed to maintain an on-the-go lifestyle – and it’s an excellent way to enjoy time with your friends and your kids.

Right in your back yard, a swimming pool can make it easy to discover the benefits of water-based exercise. Water-based exercise is regarded as one of the most effective ways to become and stay physically fit and prevent chronic disease. Because it provides resistance, water helps strengthen muscles, including the most important muscle of all, the heart.

At the same time, aquatic exercise poses less risk of injury and wear on joints than land-based exercise, thanks to the buoyancy of water, which supports your weight, making workouts easier.

And water makes exercise fun. According to the Centers for Disease Control swimming and other water-based forms of exercise are among the most popular physical fitness and sports activities in the U.S. The CDC says many adults report they can exercise longer in the water than on land. The CDC recommends two and a half hours of aerobic physical activity a week – that is, 150 minutes total, which works out to just 30 minutes, five days a week.

Above ground pools make that amount of exercise much more easily attainable since they are always just a short walk from the back door.

Busy moms can use above ground pools as a meeting place for friends to gather for group water aerobic exercise. Studies and experience prove that adults are more likely to stick with exercise if they do it with others. Exercise partners hold you accountable, so you’re less likely to skip sessions when you know others are expecting you.

Above ground pools also provide busy moms an excellent way to spend quality time with their children, away from TV and video games, and to help their children discover how fun physical activity can be.

Besides swimming, there are many ways to get good exercise in above ground pools. One of the most effective and easy workouts is water jogging. Water jogging can burn up to 17 calories a minute.

Water jogging can be done in at least a couple of ways. While holding a flotation device, you can run in place without your feet touching bottom. Or in shallower water you can jog in the traditional sense, your feet touching bottom as you run laps.

You can build up your endurance gradually. For instance, start by jogging one to two laps, then resting or walking 60 seconds before jogging again. You can also vary the intensity of the exercise by the depth of the water you jog in. The deeper the water, the greater the intensity.

Your kids may find plain water jogging to be boring, but you can switch it up and make it entertaining for them by turning it into a game of tag or a race, running laps around the pool.

Basketball and water volleyball are other ways to make exercise fun in the pool. Basketball goals and water volleyball nets are often sold in combination packs and separately for use in above ground pools.