Socks and Sandals- Do or Don’t?

Traditionally, when any person thinks about wearing socks with sandals, the mental image is one that is not that great. You may think of an elderly man wearing high black socks with sport sandals or a grungy college student wearing white athletic socks with the stereotypical black Adidas sandals. These are certainly fashion mistakes. Even with there being such a stigma attached to socks with sandals, there are some great ways to make this combination work well.

When it comes to going outside of the fashion norms, it is important to do this with confidence. If you are secure in the clothes and fashion choices that you are making, you will certainly be able to pull off this great fashion combination. It is just a matter of having others realize that socks and sandals can work well together. Articles about this upcoming trend have been published in magazines such as Glamour.

There are a few different ways that socks can be worn effectively with your sandals. For a flashy or sexy look, the use us sheer ankle socks can be worn with heels or flats. Wearing lacy pink ankle socks can spruce up a pair of black strapped sandals. Finally, lacy foot covers can be worn with most any pair of women’s sandals to spruce up the look.

Creativity is important when it comes to wearing socks with sandals. Your initial thought about certain color combinations may tell you to not proceed, but you may find that that the off the wall combinations really work well. For example, these women’s hiking sandals come in some great colors that can paired with funky socks or complimentary colors. It is just a matter of trial and error. Do not discount something just because it is too flashy or may seem too odd. With the variety of options, you may find that your wardrobe is instantly increased. Or it may be an excuse to get new sandals and several pairs of cute socks and stockings.

In addition to the positive fashion implications, there is also a comfort factor associated with this trend. It can be quite hot in the summer. By wearing socks, your feet will probably stay cooler and will not get dirty and grimy from the sandals.

Be bold and creative. There are certain to be a lot of great combinations that you can make when it comes to wearing socks with sandals. Get over the old way of thinking that this is wrong and try something hip.

Samantha Wilson is a trend follower as well as a trend setter! She enjoys the outdoors, shopping malls and blogging.
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