Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird Toy

Special Agent Oso is among the list of favorite Disney Channel TV shows my children enjoy. The TV program features a yellow teddy bear that guides children into “three special steps” to accomplish different tasks. While the show is designed for preschoolers, my 5 year old also enjoys watching Oso. It’s one of those tv shows that I enjoy my little ones watching because it is educational and teaches via fun.

We recently had the opportunity to review the Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird Toy by Learning Curve! I knew my 3 year old would love it, being he is a huge Special Agent Oso fan. The bright green Whirly Bird is aesthetically pleasing and loved by most Oso fans.

The Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird by Learning Curve is designed for ages 3+ with active imaginations! Equipped with an ejector seat, grappling hook, and spinning propeller; Whirly Bird has all the gear Oso needs to arrive at his destination! Magnetic activation points trigger electronic sounds and character voices from the show!

Whirly Bird often ejects Oso out of the cockpit during the show and this toy is designed to do the same. While the Whirly Bird is designed for kids 3+, I am not sure the age is appropriate. My 3 year old has a hard time getting Oso in the right position for ejection. If he is not positioned just right, it does not work. The seat must click into place and Oso must be placed in the cockpit perfectly or it will not work. I found this to be disappointing for my 3 year old, as he does not understand how to get it to work correctly.

The magnetized grappling hook works fairly well and has held up well even during rough 3 year old play. After several weeks of play it is still attached and does still work just like the day we received it.

While my son is unable to use the toy as directed, he had enjoyed it. I would say the toy is better fitted for 4-5 year olds, as they coordination and understanding is more developed than a 3 year old.

{My Final Thoughts}

Overall the toy is fun. It is brightly colored and exciting for young Oso fans. I do however believe the age range for the toy should be changed. While it is designed for ages 3+ my son whom is 3 has a hard time getting several functions to work properly. He will try several times to get Oso to eject and if he has not positioned him correctly, he will just give up. I can tell it is frustrating to him to not be able to figure the toy out like the older kids can.

{Buy It} The Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird Vehicle is available at Toys R Us stores and online for $24.99. You can learn more about Learning Curve and other products they offer on their website.

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Disclosure: I was provided with a Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird Toy at no cost for my review. The opinions here are mine and mine alone.
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