Spring Blazer Trends 2013

If you’re looking for a classic, well-fitting jacket that’s flattering and on-trend, the blazer is a must have for 2013. Blazers are one of the most practical yet attractive outerwear garments a woman can own and have become an affordable high-street purchase. This spring and summer, jackets are taking the form of both oversized and cropped, plain block colours, sequins and stripes! Here’s a look at what to expect this season:

Blazers 2013 Fashion Trend

Cropped Blazers

When you want a jacket that keeps your upper body warm but doesn’t cover up your painstakingly perfected outfit underneath, the cropped blazer is ideal. A cropped blazer is short, with the bottom of the jacket sitting at the waist or below the bust. Cropped blazers can have long or short sleeves and may or may-not have a button-up front. These jackets work well with pencil skirts and fitted maxi dresses where you’d like to show off your hips but need to cover up your shoulders and arms. They make a smart alternative to a cardigan. As crop blazers are smaller and well-fitting they look brilliant in an attention grabbing print or pattern.

 Boyfriend Blazers

If you want an informal jacket, try an oversized boyfriend blazer which will provide comfortable, baggy coverage. The boyfriend style gets its name from the idea of pinching your partner’s jacket. Boyfriend jackets are great for warmth. They still have the smart appeal of a blazer but offer a laid-back look. Boyfriend jackets look nice with a plain tee, denim shorts and gladiator sandals. This style of blazer usually has long or roll-up sleeves and length-wise falls below the hips. Boyfriend blazers are usually produced in plain masculine colours as if they’ve been taken straight out of a male wardrobe.

 Waterfall Front Blazers

Another Spring blazer trend is the feminine ripple-front Waterfall Blazer. This elegant jacket provides the soft, girly style of a cardi but with a more formal touch. Waterfall blazers are brilliant for Weddings and Christenings where you want to look smart but pretty. Due to the playful nature of the waterfall front, Waterfall Blazers are often designed in plain bright colours.


This spring, fill your evenings-out with sparkle. Sequined jackets will be a popular addition to the shop and dance floor. Whether you go for a traditional black blazer with sequin embellishment or a full-on silver tuxedo jacket, they’ll be different sequin options to choose from to fit the occasion.


Some of the first proper blazers featured stripes, so it’s no surprise that designers are still using this successful design element. Both vertical and horizontal stripes are in, so you can choose a direction to match your body type. Stripes, which inevitably have a nautical feel, look great with shorts, jeans or simple mini/midi dresses. Stripes are a great way to take attention off the rest of the outfit and let the jacket make a statement.

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Alvin Steele is a blogger from the UK who writes about the latest fashions and also follows all things which happen in the fashion industry. He drew his inspiration for this article from New Look, a retailer of value fashion apparel (the second largest womenswear retailer in the UK, with over 1,000 stores worldwide). New Look stocks a brilliant range of blazers.

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