Spring Clean your Make Up Bag

With the season of spring comes a new source of  energy that compels most of us to you guessed it right, do the infamous spring cleaning! But whether you find this task exciting or daunting, fact is, it is highly recommendable to at least tidy up and organize stuff once a year. If you are not ready for this event yet, then  I have just the right small and first step for you take. Why not clean up your ever reliable make up bag. You lug it with you almost everyday and has been your  loyal companion so do right and make time to clean and sort out it. Remember that  skin problems can be caused by  an unsanitary make up kit.  So grab your bag and follow these steps and your skin will be glad you did.

1. Empty out your bag and throw it in the wash. If you are up to it then give it a nice scrubbing to put a stop on bacteria growth. If it’s worn out, then maybe its better to grab a new one instead.  A transparent plastic one is most ideal as not only will it be easier for you to find things inside, but it will likewise compel you to clean it out more often as accumulated dirt is more noticeable. Plastic is easier to clean with a mere spray of  your favorite disinfectant or even an antibacterial  wipe.

2. Tidy up those brushes and sponges. Keep your make up tools clean not only for sanitary reasons but to extend its life and use.  Brushes and sponges are  favorite breeding ground of bacteria so remember to give it a wash  ideally after every use so as not to cause your face any skin irritations. Use hot water to rinse it out and an antibacterial soap and give them a good wash. Lay them out on a hand towel or at the edge of a table to let air circulate it dry.

3. Discard expired products. You may not remember exactly when you brought each of them but make use of your senses to determine which should stay or go. If it is crumbly, or had a change of texture and color, and smells funky then throw it out and don’t convince yourself otherwise. Be wary of old lip gloss and mascara as they are most likely to spoil as they are exposed to air more frequently. So do a clear out and toss out old and damaged items as they are unsafe to use and will just be ineffective anyway.

4. Wipe each item. Clean out each container well with a wet washcloth and pat them dry before placing them back in your bag. To avoid too much clutter in your bag, decide whether it will be better if you grab another bag to place items you use only on special occasions or less often.

Cleaning up your make up kit, discarding items and replacing them should be a regular project for you to do every fortnight or so.  Also keep in mind to avoid sharing your bag and its contents as bacteria and germs may pass to you. Try to keep your kit lean but mean to keep your load light.

Jessy Troy is a stay-at-home mom and frugal blogger specializing in health and beauty. Her two most recent blogs are sudden weight loss and eat diet. You can follow Jessy on Twitter as @JessyTroy
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